Happy Febuary to Delhi People

Hi Friends,Now it's the starting of February month . The weather become wonderful and there is no enough fear about cold. Now we can feel some warm day due to the God Sun. Let's talk about the politics. Now BJP brought some twist in the election by declaring Kiran Bedi as CM candidate for their party in Delhi Elections in opposition of Arvind Kejriwal from AAP. Some time ago Kiran Bedi and Arvind both were solders from Anna army. So both are known as Anna's Children. There are some jokes about both because both are strong candidate of Delhi CM's sheet.
It is in Hindi:- Soniya's Children got upset due to see that Anna's children are going to set.

Both are good personality but the one problem to Kiran Bedi is that she also criticized BJP along with congress druing Anna's Campaign and now she is with BJP.
Kejriwal's way is not so easy due to he left CM sheet after making government last time.
But, generally both have good reasons because now due to Modi Ji's ,  she joined BJP.
And last time, AAP govt. didn't majority, they made govt. with Congress Support. That time Arvind Kejriwal was helpless, because he can't take any action even Delhi Police didn't support him.