How to Run Video Ads on YouTube?

Hi friends most of us used social media platforms and mostly know business also have social media fan and business pages. Even not only common man mostly celebrities hire people to manage there fan pages. For example Tata Group has also have a YouTube channel for it. As well as have Facebook business pages. In same manners all mostly celebrities use Facebook fan pages like Roger Federer or even political leaders have Facebook fan pages like Angela Merkel’s also have a Facebook fan page.

So for branding purpose every business need YouTube video advertising and Facebook advertising.
There are following steps to run a YouTube advertising:-
1. Create an Google Adwords account, (Because YouTube also a Google’s product, and these ads come under google) and linked with your YouTube and if already created or created one and linked it with ad-words account.
  1. Sign in to your YouTube channel.
  2. Click your channel icon or name in the upper corner of the page to select the channel you want to link.
  3. Click My Channel.

  1. Click Video Manager.
  2. Under “Channel,” click Advanced.
  3. Under “Link an AdWords for video account,” click Link an AdWords account.
  1. Sign in to AdWords for video: 
  2. Copy the Customer ID from the top-right corner of the AdWords website.
  3. Paste the Customer ID into box on the current YouTube link Adword account page.
  1. Once the owner of the AdWords account approves your request, your YouTube channel will be linked to that AdWords account.
And we can link an YouTube account through and Adword account also.After linking, Go to your Adword account, create new campaign then go to the campaign and create new ad groups. In ad groups next to “Your video,” choose a YouTube video (It shows your YouTube Video channel’s video here if perfectly linked.)
Now we have set up the campaign, but before running the video, we should set also following thing:-
1. In General setting:- Choose the desired budget and set your desired budget per day.
2. In  Location:- Set the targeted area where you want to show up your ads like specific city or country.
3. In Advance setting:- You can set up the timing for your ads to show. For example:- 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.
or whole day- night(24 hours).
4. Targeted user/ audience:- In this you can choose audience age, gender, interest etc.
5. Keywords:- You can set the keyword at campaign level as well as add group level. After selecting the keywords and negative keywords you can run live your ads.
Reporting and Analysis:- After running your ads you can show each video has how many impression and completion.As well as which one is performing good and in which location.

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