Jennifer Lopez Talked About Her Beauty Brand JLoBeauty on Her Instagram Video

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Beauty Desk, Delhi Magazine: 53-year-old American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez showed fans how to make her trademark “Bronx Goddess Glow” by posting a new skincare video tutorial on Instagram.

In the video, the star sported her own JLO Beauty product line and wore a luxurious monogrammed robe.

In the post’s caption, Lopez wrote, “Kicking it back with this Bronx Goddess Glow. Prepping the skin with @JLoBeauty and then I pair it all together with lip gloss and my signature hoop earrings.”

“So many of you have been asking what my quick five-minute look is. I call it the Bronx Goddess Glow and it’s four easy steps,” the actress said.

JLo started by applying her own brand of serum and explained that her “Bronx Goddess Glow” is perfect for a laid-back party with friends: “It’s for those times when you need to do something really fast for a party, you don’t want to be too fussy you’re not trying to impress anyone, you’re just trying to look your best.”

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Jennifer then applied some moisturizer and added an eye cream to the lower lids. She completed the look with contouring, pink champagne highlighter, mascara and lip gloss.

“A little lip gloss never hurt anyone,” Lopez said. The last obligatory attribute was the star’s favorite hoop earrings.

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