Renowned Author Taslima Nasreen Graces Delhi Haat’s Mango Mela

Taslima Nasreen Beautiful pic at delhi haat mango mela

New Delhi, June 28, 2024 – Acclaimed author and activist Taslima Nasreen made a special appearance at the Mango Mela held at Delhi Haat today, much to the delight of attendees and mango enthusiasts.

The Mango Mela, an annual event celebrating the diversity and richness of India’s mango varieties, saw an added buzz this year with Nasreen’s visit. Known for her powerful writings and outspoken views, Nasreen took the time to explore the various stalls, interact with farmers, and sample some of the country’s finest mangoes.

Nasreen, who has always been vocal about cultural events and local traditions, expressed her admiration for the Mango Mela. “This festival is a wonderful celebration of India’s agricultural heritage. It’s amazing to see such a variety of mangoes and to meet the people who cultivate them with so much dedication,” she said.

The mela featured over 50 varieties of mangoes from different regions of India, including the famous Alphonso, Dussehri, Langra, and Banganapalli. Visitors enjoyed a range of activities, from mango tasting sessions to cooking demonstrations showcasing mango-based recipes.

Organizers of the event were thrilled by Nasreen’s visit. “Having Taslima Nasreen here has been an honor. Her presence has certainly elevated the event and drawn more attention to the importance of supporting our local farmers,” said Rajiv Kapoor, one of the organizers.

The Mango Mela at Delhi Haat continues to be a major attraction, drawing visitors from all over the city. The festival not only highlights the culinary delights of mangoes but also promotes sustainable farming practices and the hard work of Indian farmers.

As the event continues over the weekend, attendees can look forward to more cultural performances, workshops, and the opportunity to indulge in the king of fruits.

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