Roof Collapse at Delhi Airport’s Terminal 1 Amid Heavy Rains Leaves One Dead, Multiple Injured

Delhi Airport

Delhi, June 28 – A tragic incident unfolded at Delhi airport’s Terminal 1 on Friday morning when heavy rains caused a portion of the roof to collapse. The accident resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries.

In response, all departures from Terminal 1 have been halted, and check-in counters have been closed as a safety measure. Since midnight, sixteen departing flights and twelve arriving flights have been cancelled.

Despite the disruption at Terminal 1, flights at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 remain fully operational, and arrivals at Terminal 1 continue as scheduled. However, all departures from Terminal 1 have been cancelled until 2 pm today, according to Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL).

Delhi Airport released a statement, saying, “Due to heavy rains since this morning, a portion of the awning at the old departure forecourt of Terminal 1 of Delhi Airport collapsed at around 5 am. Some people are reported to be injured, and emergency personnel are working to provide all necessary help and medical assistance to those injured.”


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