Sunrise Time in Delhi: A Detailed Guide Across Different Weather and Months

Delhi Sunrise time

City Desk, Delhi Magazine: Delhi, the capital city of India, is a vibrant metropolis that boasts a rich cultural heritage and a dynamic lifestyle. One of the city’s most enchanting experiences is witnessing the sunrise, as it paints the sky with hues of orange, pink, and gold. This blog post provides a comprehensive guide to sunrise times in Delhi, exploring how they vary across different weather conditions and months. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, understanding these variations can help you plan your early morning activities better.

Understanding Sunrise Times

Sunrise times depend on several factors, including the Earth’s tilt, its orbit around the sun, and the geographical location of a place. Delhi, situated at a latitude of approximately 28.6139° N and a longitude of 77.2090° E, experiences significant variations in sunrise times throughout the year.

Sunrise Times in Delhi by Month

Below is a detailed breakdown of sunrise times in Delhi across the twelve months of the year:


In January, Delhi experiences the heart of winter. The days are short, and the nights are long. Sunrise occurs relatively late.

  • Early January: Around 7:15 AM
  • Late January: Around 7:10 AM


As the winter starts to recede, February brings slightly earlier sunrises.

  • Early February: Around 7:10 AM
  • Late February: Around 6:50 AM


March marks the onset of spring, leading to longer days and earlier sunrises.

  • Early March: Around 6:45 AM
  • Late March: Around 6:20 AM


April sees significant changes as the sun rises much earlier, welcoming warmer weather.

  • Early April: Around 6:10 AM
  • Late April: Around 5:45 AM


In May, the pre-summer heat sets in, and the sun rises quite early.

  • Early May: Around 5:35 AM
  • Late May: Around 5:20 AM


June experiences the earliest sunrises of the year due to the summer solstice around June 21st.

  • Early June: Around 5:15 AM
  • Late June: Around 5:20 AM


In July, monsoon season begins, leading to slightly later sunrise times.

  • Early July: Around 5:25 AM
  • Late July: Around 5:35 AM


Monsoon continues in August, with variable cloud cover affecting perceived sunrise times.

  • Early August: Around 5:40 AM
  • Late August: Around 5:50 AM


As the monsoon starts to wane, September sees slightly later sunrises.

  • Early September: Around 5:55 AM
  • Late September: Around 6:05 AM


October brings the onset of autumn, and sunrise times continue to get later.

  • Early October: Around 6:10 AM
  • Late October: Around 6:25 AM


November marks the return of shorter days with the approach of winter.

  • Early November: Around 6:30 AM
  • Late November: Around 6:45 AM


December experiences the latest sunrises of the year due to the winter solstice around December 21st.

  • Early December: Around 6:55 AM
  • Late December: Around 7:10 AM

Impact of Weather on Sunrise Times

Weather conditions significantly influence the perception of sunrise. Let’s explore how different weather conditions in Delhi affect the experience of sunrise:

Clear Skies

On clear days, the sunrise is a spectacular event, with the first light appearing on the horizon at the predicted time. The sky gradually brightens, and the sun becomes visible as a distinct orb.

Cloudy Skies

Cloudy weather can obscure the actual moment of sunrise. While the sky will begin to brighten at the expected time, the sun itself may not be visible until it rises above the cloud cover.

Foggy Conditions

Delhi often experiences fog, especially in the winter months. Fog can delay the visible sunrise by creating a thick layer that diffuses the light. The sky will brighten gradually, but the sun may remain hidden behind the fog.

Rainy Days

During the monsoon season, heavy clouds and rain can significantly affect the sunrise experience. The sky might appear gloomy and overcast, and the actual sunrise can be hidden behind rain clouds, making it seem much darker than usual.

Best Spots to Watch the Sunrise in Delhi

Delhi offers numerous spots where you can enjoy a breathtaking sunrise. Here are some of the top locations:

India Gate

A prominent war memorial, India Gate is not only a significant historical site but also a fantastic spot to watch the sunrise. The expansive lawns and the iconic structure provide a picturesque setting for early morning serenity.

Qutub Minar

As one of Delhi’s oldest monuments, Qutub Minar provides a historic backdrop for a beautiful sunrise. The sprawling gardens and the towering minaret add to the charm of the early morning light.

Lodhi Gardens

A favorite among morning walkers and joggers, Lodhi Gardens offers lush greenery and ancient tombs that create a peaceful environment for witnessing the sunrise.

Humayun’s Tomb

This UNESCO World Heritage Site provides a stunning setting for sunrise views. The symmetry and grandeur of Humayun’s Tomb, combined with the morning light, make for an unforgettable experience.

Yamuna Riverfront

For a more natural setting, the banks of the Yamuna River offer a tranquil spot to watch the sunrise. The reflection of the rising sun on the river can be a mesmerizing sight.

Tips for Enjoying the Sunrise in Delhi

  1. Arrive Early: To fully appreciate the sunrise, reach your chosen spot at least 15-20 minutes before the predicted time.
  2. Check the Weather: Ensure you check the weather forecast to know if the sky will be clear or cloudy.
  3. Dress Appropriately: Early mornings can be chilly, especially in winter, so dress in layers to stay comfortable.
  4. Bring a Camera: Capture the beautiful moments of the sunrise, but also take time to simply enjoy the view.
  5. Stay Safe: If you are going to less crowded places, ensure your safety by going with a group or informing someone of your whereabouts.


Sunrise in Delhi is a magical experience that varies with the changing months and weather conditions. Whether you are an early riser looking to start your day with a peaceful moment or a photographer seeking the perfect shot, understanding the nuances of sunrise times can enhance your experience. By choosing the right spot and timing your visit well, you can witness the stunning beauty of the sun rising over this historic city.

For the latest updates on sunrise times and weather conditions in Delhi, you can always refer to reliable weather apps and websites. Happy sunrise watching!

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