MDU Administration Revokes Controversial Fee Hike After Student Protests

MDU Rohtak

Rohtak, June 24, 2024 – In a significant victory for students at Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU), the administration has withdrawn its decision to hike undergraduate fees following persistent protests. The initial fee increase, which saw fees rise fivefold, prompted a strong response from the student body and intervention from the Education Minister.

On Saturday, the MDU administration announced the rollback of the fee hike and released the new fee structure. For BA courses in English, History, Public Administration, and Sanskrit, the fee has been reduced from Rs 30,660 to Rs 9,542. Similarly, BSc courses in Genetics, Mathematics, and Statistics, which were set to cost Rs 40,660, will now be Rs 9,622.

The reversal comes after a meeting of the university’s fee structure committee on June 21, chaired by Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof. AS Mann. The committee considered applications and memoranda from various student organizations, as well as discussions held with the Haryana Government’s Higher Education Department on June 13 and June 19.

The revised fee details will soon be available on the MDU website. The decision marks a significant achievement for student groups who had been protesting continuously since the fee hike was announced.

Background and Protest

The fee hike had initially sparked outrage among the student community, leading to organized protests and warnings of intensified agitation if the decision was not reversed. The students argued that the steep increase would make higher education inaccessible for many.

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The agitation drew the attention of the Education Minister, who intervened and facilitated discussions between the student representatives and university officials. The collaborative effort ultimately led to the fee hike being rescinded.

Official Statement

An MDU spokesperson confirmed the withdrawal of the fee hike, stating, “The administration has taken into account the concerns of the students and the recommendations from the fee structure committee. We are committed to ensuring that education remains affordable and accessible.”

Students have welcomed the decision, expressing relief and satisfaction over the administration’s responsiveness to their demands. The successful protest is seen as a testament to the power of student activism and the importance of dialogue in resolving such issues.

For further details, the revised fee structure will be published on the official MDU website.

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