Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets Pope Francis at G7 Summit in Italy

Modi and pop hugs each other

Italy Desk, Delhi Magazine: Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Pope Francis on Friday on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Italy, marking a significant moment in the relations between India and the Vatican. During this meeting, Modi warmly embraced the Pope and extended an invitation for Pope Francis to visit India. Modi shared his admiration for the Pope’s dedication to humanitarian causes and environmental stewardship in a post on social media platform Instagram.

Warm Embrace and Invitation

In his post on Instagram, Prime Minister Modi stated, “Met Pope Francis on the occasion of the G7 summit. I admire his commitment to serving people and improving our planet. Also invited him to visit India.” The Prime Minister accompanied his message with photos of the meeting, depicting the Pope smiling and extending his arms to greet Modi, culminating in a warm embrace between the two leaders.


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The Pope’s Health

It is noteworthy that Pope Francis, despite his health challenges which require him to use a wheelchair, actively participated in the G7 events. His meeting with Prime Minister Modi showcased his resilience and continued commitment to global diplomatic and humanitarian efforts.

Second Meeting Between Leaders

This encounter marks the second meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Pope Francis. Their first meeting took place during a private event at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican in October 2021. The continuity of these meetings reflects the ongoing dialogue and strengthening of relations between India and the Vatican.

Significance of the Meeting

The meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Pope Francis is significant on multiple fronts. It highlights the importance of interfaith dialogue and cooperation in addressing global challenges such as poverty, climate change, and social justice. By inviting Pope Francis to visit India, Modi aims to further these discussions and foster a deeper connection between the two regions.

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In conclusion, the meeting at the G7 summit not only underscored mutual respect and admiration between the two leaders but also set the stage for future collaboration aimed at addressing global issues through a shared commitment to service and environmental sustainability.

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