Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath Promotes Yoga on International Yoga Day

Yogi Aditya Nath on yoga day

Lucknow Desk, Delhi Magazine June 21 – On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath extended his congratulations and best wishes to the people of the state. He emphasized that yoga is a universal practice, transcending barriers of caste, religion, language, and region. CM Yogi highlighted the inclusive nature of yoga, stating, “Yoga is for everyone. There is no discrimination in it.”

To mark the day, a mass yoga session was organized at the Raj Bhavan in Lucknow, where CM Yogi participated alongside the public. The theme for this year’s International Yoga Day is “Yoga for Self and Society,” underscoring yoga’s dual benefits for personal well-being and social harmony.

CM Yogi also wished and congratulated the citizens of Uttarpradesh on the occasion of Yoga day by sharing a post on Instagram.


During his address, CM Yogi praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for promoting yoga globally, noting that Yoga Day provides an opportunity to honor India’s ancient Rishi tradition. “Due to PM Modi’s vision, yoga is practiced in nearly 250 countries around the world today,” he remarked. He also highlighted the Prime Minister’s role in popularizing group yoga practices internationally.

CM Yogi passionately advocated for the integration of yoga into daily routines, calling it a “complete discipline” that unites the body and mind. He appealed to the public to embrace yoga for its numerous health benefits, which include physical fitness, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being. “Yoga is a priceless gift of India’s Rishi tradition, which keeps the body healthy along with mental and spiritual upliftment,” he added.

In his closing message, CM Yogi urged residents to make a personal commitment to yoga and to spread awareness about its benefits. He expressed his hopes for a healthier and stronger India through the widespread adoption of yoga practices.

“Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to all yoga practitioners and residents of the state on International Yoga Day,” he said. “Let us pledge to do yoga regularly and make others aware of yoga for the creation of ‘Healthy India, Strong India’.”

The event was a testament to the growing recognition of yoga as a means to foster well-being and unity across diverse communities.

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