What is Female Masturbation: Female Masturbation Techniques

benefits of female masturbation

Female masturbation (or auto-eroticism)

First of all, what does it mean? Female masturbation is the set of actions, movements, fantasies and attentions that a person can give to himself to reach orgasm.

It is still a taboo subject, unfortunately, for many people it is a subject that causes embarrassment, probably due to education or personal sensitivity but I want to reassure you … it is absolutely normal to practice it and indeed, it is a panacea for the body and soul.

Inside every woman there is the instinct to want to explore, feel, pamper them but there is something that prevents it, at least to the end. I think it’s an educational fact, that “Get your hand out of there!” that mum and dad say, embarrassed by the light touches, completely devoid of malice, that a child makes to herself with the ease with which one scratches an eye, leaves a mark. It may seem absurd but often the blockage arises from this.

What is female masturbation for?

  • Increase self-esteem
  • Helps regulate hormones
  • It keeps the vagina and the entire genital system healthier
  • It is an interesting pain reliever and stress reliever
  • It’s the only way you can get to know yourself and understand what you like
  • It allows you to maintain a positive and pleasant relationship with the body and to welcome its constant changes

How can you say that something isn’t good if you don’t taste, touch and smell it? Don’t trust the chatter. Of those who say that the Vagina is dirty, gross and ugly. Maybe theirs! But yours is not, yours is splendid.

Each woman is completely different from the others, so it is not the case to rely on the experiences of others but it is good to experience oneself, with mental freedom, without judgment and in the moments that one feels like it.

Pleasure guarantees the release of hormones, such as endorphins, which are beneficial for mental and physical balance. It puts at bay the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone.

A better relationship with the Vagina and the Clitoris affects the general health of the genital system by also improving the balance of hormones.

The release of endorphins, in addition to reducing the effects of stress, gives a good feeling of happiness and reduces the sensation of pain, a cure-all for menstrual pain.
Many women practice masturbation as a sleeping pill, ensuring a peaceful sleep. Other women have noted the reduction in constipation (a big problem for many women) thanks to the looseness of the perineum after orgasm,

Equipped for pleasure

The most important medium we have available for our pleasure is, of course, our body. And while there are tons of erogenous zones in the female body that we can involve in masturbation, here we focus on the so-called primary erogenous zones. Which, in the case of the female body, are largely internally located, which is why we don’t know them as we should.

We often use the term vagina to refer to all female sexual attributes, but in reality the vagina itself is only the internal canal, while the external part is called the vulva.

The vulva is formed by the clitoral hood which can completely or partially cover the clitoris (which is homologous to the penis, both develop from the same cells in the fetus, even if the clitoris has more than twice as many nerve endings) and the labia majora and labia, the most external and the most internal respectively. Despite the name, it often happens that the labia minora are larger than the labia majora.

Female Masturbation Techniques

Typical methods of masturbation – manual stimulation or using sex toys – not the most common. There are many methods for home alone sex that women come up with. We have collected the safest and simplest ones. If you’re already practicing some of these methods, you should know that it’s absolutely normal – if not, here’s a reason for inspiration. Who said that sex alone cannot be a change.

The discovery of masturbation by women occurs in different ways: some learn from an early age that the pressure in certain areas is pleasant, even before understanding what it is; others begin masturbating after their first sexual experiences with a partner; others finally discover the concept of masturbation even before starting to practice it.

These phases correspond to a more or less in-depth understanding of our anatomy and different methods of masturbation (and the likelihood of having an orgasm).

female masturbation techniquesBut before we discuss in detail the various ways in which we can induce pleasure, let’s anticipate an often overlooked aspect: the use of lubricant is the first gesture of love towards oneself. Unlike saliva or creams and oils, the lubricant is specially created to make your caresses or those of your toy even more pleasant and to allow you to get aroused much faster and without any discomfort.

Streams of water

For many, a bathroom – a favorite room for masturbation. Water does not only serve as sound insulation, but also add a lot of pleasant sensations. If you have a pull-out shower, try to work on the clitoral flow of warm water. Start with a small head and gradually strengthen. Be careful – if long and too intense stimulation of the clitoris, you can lose sensitivity and climax will be difficult. Try to refine the sensations through deferred orgasm. Warm streams of water – just imagining this picture, you begin to fleetingly experience the heat between your legs. And it’s not in vain, it is considered the second most popular way of self-satisfaction. This practice is suitable for lovers of water treatments. You can combine business with pleasure by directing a stream of water to the clitoris. A little time will pass, and the approaching orgasm will be memorable.


This is an easy way to masturbate that requires a small brush, feather, or similar . Feel the pleasant sensations of these light and gentle touches. In this case, it is difficult to achieve orgasm, it will take a long time, so we recommend this method as foreplay. After that, move on to another, more active method.


“Sofa” The original method. In order to get a quality orgasm, you need good, preferably leather furniture. Further, everything is simple – the girl begins to cuddle up to the surface with her vagina, and if you actively rub, the extravaganza will not keep you waiting long.

Protective Squeezing Feet

In this way, many women start masturbating in childhood. Impacting your hips and throwing one leg over the other provides you with pressure and friction on the labia and clitoris – which is pleasant sensations, no toys, and generally any contact. The downside is that to reach full orgasm in this way it will only be girls with a very sensitive body. But it’s a great practice to warm up.

 Touching the surrounding area except the clitoris

it can be unpleasant and even painful for women with high sensitivity direct contact with the clitoris. To enjoy masturbating, they should touch the surrounding area – the clitoral hood and labia minora.


Equivalent alternative to furniture or cushions, which most closely resembles the male organ. Turn the towel and wrap it in a clean cloth: to keep the shape and therefore could come in handy in the kitchen. Put it on a pillow, and then as usual. If no contact still cannot make, try to diversify and strengthen the sense of masturbating on the washing machine. Wait for “squeeze-out” mode and enjoy orgasm and then what you want to buy. By rolling up the towel that is usually used in the bathroom and placing it on the chair, you will create a “do it yourself” vibrator. Just move a little to stimulate your pleasure.

The pillow

The pillow is an excellent support for female masturbation and can be used in various ways. You can try putting it between your legs , turning on your side, and slowly moving your pelvis to stimulate the clitoris. The intensity of the movement will vary according to the level of arousal. But the cushion can also be used to raise the pelvis , placing it under the butt. This position allows for greater penetration and reaching the infamous G-spot , which is located deep in the inner front of the vagina.


A vibrating massager is the main substitute for a man’s penis to avoid a long interruption in sexual life. The technique of insertion into the vagina is very simple, the main factor for maintaining hygiene is the presence of a condom, which it is advisable to wear before each self-satisfaction session. There are many types of such weapons, so the lady herself determines what material, size and color she likes best.

Gastronomic approach to self-satisfaction

A gastronomic approach to self-satisfaction Some housewives, in anticipation of the faithful, may want sex, and if any phallic product is at hand, nothing will stop the lady from using this penis substitute for other purposes.


Having enough vitamins to increase libido, it can first be used as an alternative to the penis. The curved shape will only add pleasant sensations.


The green helper can help evoke emotions of sexual pleasure due to the presence of bumps that perfectly stimulate the woman’s clitoris and vagina.

Zucchini or zucchini

The likelihood of orgasm from the use of these vegetables is present, the main thing is not to injure the mucous membrane because of the rough surface.

Some polls show that many single women, without a permanent sexual partner, are more actively engaged in self-gratification. Although, if a desire arises, a woman should not be ashamed of her feelings. Studies have revealed the positive effects of masturbation on women’s health and prevents a decrease in libido.

Importance of Auto-eroticism: because it is good for health

Until a few decades ago no one would have dreamed of talking about the benefits of masturbation : for our grandmothers, notoriously, auto-eroticism brought with it only misfortunes such as blindness, acne and other disasters linked to specific places of origin.

Times – fortunately – have changed, and today we can discover (and benefit from) all the advantages that a healthy and conscious lust brings. This is why self-eroticism is good for his and her health.

Benefits of  Female Masturbation

Masturbation  reconciles a deeper sleep, stimulates heart activity, reduces stress: masturbation (for him and for her) brings a series of benefits for the body that perhaps not everyone does not know. We present some of them.

Improves the immune system

Moreover, according to the scholars Santella and Cooper of the University of Sydney , among the positive “side effects” of masturbation  for women,  there are: a decrease in infections affecting the urinary tract and cervix, as well as a positive control of the values ​​of the  blood sugar  and an improvement in  the immune system .

Calm the pains of your period

For many women, menstrual pain is one of the most annoying aspects of being a woman. Once a month some women experience discomfort and pain that in some cases not even analgesics can relieve. But what if there was a way to calm them down in a very pleasant way? Several studies on the benefits of female masturbation claim that this practice helps to calm or even eliminate menstrual pain . Now you know: the next time you feel period malaise, instead of taking a sedative, take some time for yourself.

It decreases stress

 Oxytocin and dopamine are sworn enemies of stress and allies No. 1 in good mood. And autoeroticism causes both of them to circulate.

A natural alternative to anxiolytics and sleeping pills

Just like sex, auto-eroticism tires you (but with an exquisitely positive meaning) and promotes peaceful and deep sleep thanks to the release of endorphins that accompanies orgasm. Who has trouble getting to sleep is often plagued by obsessive thoughts:  the work, children, relationship problems, the maturities of the mortgage . The result is that the mind cannot ever stop and “pull.” Practicing autoeroticism  before bed can work as an all-natural anti-stress and  anti-insomnia  method . The sexual pleasure and the ‘ climax , its apex, are in fact precursors for the production of  endorphins . The latter guarantee serenity and  relaxation:  optimal conditions to  fall asleep  and rest better until morning.

Decreases Menstrual Cramps

Masturbating decreases the levels of prostaglandins responsible for menstrual cramps. That’s why masturbating is good even in “those” days. Read also Menstrual pain, tips from Ayurveda >>

It’s good for the pelvic floor

Orgasms work the pelvic muscles, much like Kegel exercises do. The muscle contractions that accompany the achievement of pleasure help keep the pelvic floor healthy , facilitating (among other benefits) all the orgasms to come.

Cancer risk decreases

A recent Harvard University study found that men who ejaculate 5 or more times a week are 33% less likely to have prostate cancer, thanks to frequent semen replacement and spermatic which decreases infections and inflammation.

Improves heart health

Benefit both for him and for him, but above all for her: several studies have shown that autoeroticism keeps the heart trained, decreasing the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of mortality among women.

Eliminates the risk of cystitis (and diabetes)

But the health benefits do not end there: according to academics Anthony Santella and Spring Chenoa Cooper of the University of Sydney, masturbation lowers the risk of cystitis in women thanks to the replacement of the fluids (which “wipe out” the bacteria) and would also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in both sexes.

Why Masturbation is Harmful?:

Of the minuses, it can be noted that masturbation is a habit, and like all habits, it can manifest itself unconsciously, in people, and be characterized by a sudden desire. It is imperative to fight this and if you masturbate, then behind a closed door. In addition, masturbation should not replace a full-fledged relationship and sex with a partner.

Frequent self-gratification can reduce the perception of other affection. Scientists have not established a direct connection, but many sexologists warn about this. If a person masturbates for a long time and at the same time he does not have sexual intercourse, then it is more difficult for him to get an orgasm during intimacy with another person. Masturbation is a safe method of self-gratification, especially if the woman has a small enough sexual need, but it is better not to abuse masturbation.

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