The Allahabad High Court discovered that Ayushi’s NEET claim, backed by Priyanka Gandhi, was fake.

Priyanka Gandhi Shared a fake video created bhy Ayushi patel

Crime Desk, Delhi Magazine: In a shocking revelation, Ayushi Patel, a NEET aspirant, has been found guilty of fabricating her examination results, casting a shadow on the genuine grievances of other candidates. Ayushi initially alleged that she had scored 715 marks according to the answer key but received an official result showing only 335 marks under a different application number. She further claimed that the National Testing Agency (NTA) informed her that her OMR sheet was torn.

Her allegations quickly gained traction, with her videos going viral and garnering significant political support. Prominent figures, including Priyanka Gandhi, vocally supported Ayushi, amplifying her claims and demanding justice.

However, the Allahabad High Court has now exposed the truth behind Ayushi’s assertions. The court found that her documents were forged and that she had lied about her score and the condition of her OMR sheet. The NTA presented her original, undamaged OMR sheet as evidence in court, debunking her claims.

The court has authorized the NTA to pursue legal action against Ayushi for her fraudulent actions. Her deception has not only discredited her but also undermined the legitimate concerns of NEET aspirants.

This controversy has sparked questions about the involvement of political entities, particularly the Congress party, in Ayushi’s case. Priyanka Gandhi and other Congress members’ support for Ayushi has led to speculation about whether she was influenced or incentivized by the party to propagate these false claims, thus weakening the advocacy for genuine student concerns.

Ayushi Patel’s actions have undoubtedly harmed the cause of NEET aspirants, diverting attention from their legitimate issues and raising concerns about the politicization of student grievances.

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