Jaishankar and Lammy Reaffirm Commitment to Strengthen India-UK Ties

Jai Shankar - Indian External Affair Minister

International Desk, Delhi Magaznie: On Saturday, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar announced that he had a productive conversation with Britain’s new Foreign Secretary, David Lammy. The dialogue underscored the mutual commitment of both nations to fortify their comprehensive strategic partnership.

In a post on ‘X’, Jaishankar expressed his enthusiasm about the discussion, stating, “It was a great pleasure to speak to UK Foreign Secretary David Lammy. We reiterated our commitment to enhance our comprehensive strategic partnership. Looking forward to a face-to-face meeting soon.”

The conversation marks a significant step in continuing the strong bilateral relations between India and the United Kingdom. Both leaders have shown eagerness for an early face-to-face meeting to further discuss and advance the shared goals of their partnership.

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This engagement comes at a crucial time as both nations navigate the complexities of global politics and seek to bolster cooperation in various sectors including trade, defense, and technology. The reaffirmation of their strategic partnership highlights the ongoing efforts to build a robust and multifaceted relationship between India and the UK.

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