Venice Biennale 2024: A Deep Dive into Contemporary Geopolitics Content

Venice Art Biennale 2024, Italy

Entertainment Desk, Delhi Magazine: The 2024 Venice Art Biennale has been dubbed the most “political” edition in its history, reflecting the intense geopolitical tensions of our time. This year’s theme, “Foreigners Everywhere,” encapsulates a dual message of both encountering foreigners and feeling like a foreigner in various contexts. The exhibition’s artworks, installations, and slogans navigate through contemporary geopolitics, highlighting conflicts, migration, and human suffering.

One poignant example is the Israeli pavilion, guarded by army soldiers and closed in protest. A sign posted by the artists explains that the pavilion will remain closed until a real ceasefire or agreement for the release of hostages is achieved. Similarly, the Russian pavilion has been handed over to Bolivian artists as a protest against the invasion of Ukraine. Adding to the political discourse, the Biennale features an unlikely Consulate of all African peoples, complete with a flag, overlooking the Grand Canal.


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Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, president of the Biennale, emphasized the historical and cultural significance of the event. “The city that 129 years ago conceived the first International Art Biennale renews its promises of curiosity and love of knowledge,” Buttafuoco said. He drew parallels to Marco Polo, whose seven hundredth anniversary of death will be celebrated in 2024, noting how Polo integrated into foreign cultures through sincere human and equal exchanges.

Buttafuoco highlighted Venice’s historical role as a melting pot of languages, ethnic groups, and styles. “The Biennale with its National Pavilions, the works, the visitors, and the artists from every part of the world was already there, in the destiny of the city. For Venice, diversity has been an essential condition of normality from the beginning, in a mirroring and comparison process with the other from oneself, never perceived in terms of denial.”

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This year’s Biennale stands as a powerful testament to the enduring relevance of art in addressing and reflecting on global issues, continuing Venice’s legacy as a hub of cultural and intellectual exchange.

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