Can Cannabis Help Treat a Phobia or Only Make the Condition Worse?

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Miscellaneous Desk, Delhi Magazine: Recently, people have been stocking up on kush seeds (check it out here) and keeping emergency blunts in their purses, but is weed good for anxiety?

It’s estimated that around 12.5% of adult US citizens experience a phobia in their lifetimes. These mental illnesses are especially challenging to treat as they can cause various symptoms.

Read on for more information about the possible benefits of using marijuana to relieve phobia symptoms. Discover some top tips for using cannabis treatments and some of the potential downfalls.

What Is a Phobia?

A phobia is an anxiety disorder that causes an excessive or irrational fear reaction to specific stimuli. Someone with this mental condition may experience an overwhelming sense of panic or stress when faced with particular objects, environments, or people.

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Phobias range on a continuum from mild to severe, and they may cause debilitating effects on the quality of life.

People with this condition are usually aware of their irrational symptoms but have no control over them. Traditional treatment options include exposure and cognitive behavioral therapies, which focus on changing your response to a particular fear.


Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the main cannabinoids found in weed. They both have a range of different effects which may be beneficial for various health conditions.

Does marijuana help with anxiety? Let’s unpack what these two compounds have to offer:


CBD may be beneficial for relieving symptoms like anxiety and pain without any psychoactive effects. It’s commonly used in medical treatments and is popular for everyday use because it’s non-intoxicating.


THC is the compound responsible for the “high” of cannabis. Many recreational users are drawn towards its psychoactive effects, but it may also benefit several health conditions like depression and chronic pain.

Possible Benefits of Cannabis for Treating Phobias

A significant amount of people report that the effects of cannabis relieve anxiety and calm the mind. It’s used in many forms of alternative therapy and has shown promising results. Here are some of the possible beneficial outcomes of marijuana for phobias:


People with phobias are prone to panic attacks when faced with their triggers. The constant anxiety can keep you on edge for days, thinking about the next time you encounter the stimuli.

Is weed good for anxiety? CBD is known for having relaxing effects without the psychedelic buzz. Numerous individuals report that cannabidiol products keep stress at bay by helping them stay calm. THC may have ultra-soothing results, but it’s largely dependent on the dosage and the strain.

Improved Mood

Finding happiness or peace can be challenging when you’re living in fear. Cannabis may improve mood by stimulating the production of dopamine and serotonin, which are beneficial for conditions like social anxiety disorder.

It may help you feel happier and less stressed, allowing you to face your fears or enjoy your life without focusing on the negative stimuli. The uplifted mood usually goes together with chattiness, which might benefit people with social phobias.

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Downsides of Treating Phobias With Cannabis

Does weed help with panic attacks? Many use marijuana to ease their symptoms, but like any treatment option, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people find that cannabis, especially the high THC variants, worsens their anxiety from phobias, while others notice an improvement. Here are some possible side effects:

  • Sleepiness
  • Increased paranoia
  • Racing thoughts

Tips for Using Cannabis as a Possible Treatment for Phobias

If you take a phobia test and find out you have one, seek treatment as soon as possible for the best results. Remember that marijuana alone is highly unlikely to reduce the effects in the long run. Using it in conjunction with counseling and other stress relief methods is most suitable.

When using marijuana, it’s best to stick to less potent, high CBD strains and consistently keep the dosage low. Always consult your doctor and therapist before considering cannabis as a treatment option.

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