Eclipse Corridor 2023 : What is Important to Know

eclipse corridor what is it

The eclipse corridor is a difficult period with a large release of powerful energies, during which we can feel the strong influence of the planets.  Any eclipse or retrograde of the planets affects our psychological state and spheres of life. And to protect ourself and reduce the impact of these phenomena, we need to know what to expect.

Eclipse corridor: when it will happen and what to expect

The eclipse corridor is the period between eclipses – solar and lunar. The nearest eclipse corridor will begin on October 14, when a solar eclipse will take place in Libra, and will end on October 28, when a lunar eclipse will occur in Taurus. But people can feel its influence three days before and three days after the astrological event. The eclipse corridor will take place under the waxing Moon, so we should not only free ourselves from karmic debts, but also lay the foundation for our future endeavors. During this period, we should be careful, because it may be difficult to control emotions, and reality may be slightly distorted in our eyes. Try not to make hasty decisions and approach important tasks with awareness and concentration.

Eclipse corridor from October 14 to 28: what not to do?

During the eclipse corridor, the most unfavorable days are considered to be the first and last days – the days of eclipses. These days, astrologers do not recommend starting important things and making decisions. There are also a number of other recommendations on what you should not do:

  • get a new job and start new work projects;
  • sign important documents and contracts;
  • take out loans and get into debt;
  • neglect attention on the roads;
  • conflict and get emotional, start hostility with someone;
  • go under the knife of a plastic surgeon.

Eclipse corridor from October 14 to 28: what needs to be done?

  • keep calm and engage in spiritual practices;
  • save money;
  • adhere to a daily schedule and proper nutrition;
  • show patience, soften corners when communicating with a partner or superiors.
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