“Nepal and Nepali people are thankful” – NP Saud to India

Operation Ajay

International Desk, Delhi Magazine: Under ‘Operation Ajeya’, which was run to evacuate Indian citizens from Israel amid the Israel-Hamas war, 18 Nepalese citizens have also been evacuated safely. For this, Nepal’s Foreign Minister has praised India and thanked him.

It is noteworthy that the war between Israel and Hamas is going on. All countries are evacuating their citizens from war-fighting countries. India has also launched ‘Operation Ajeya’ for the repatriation of thousands of its citizens living in Israel. Under this operation running under the supervision of the Ministry of External Affairs, Indians are being airlifted and brought to the country.

In this series, a plane of ‘Operation Ajeya’ which was bringing 286 Indians from Israel on Tuesday, also accommodated 18 Nepalese citizens in it, with whom the plane left for India. Nepal’s Foreign Minister NP Saud expressed his gratitude to his Indian counterpart, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar for evacuating Nepali citizens from Israel and appreciated the help. Foreign Minister Saud posted on Twitter on Tuesday, “His Excellency @Dr.S.Jaishankar, we appreciate this help in difficult times. Nepal and the Nepali people are grateful.

The fifth flight carrying 286 Indian citizens, including 18 Nepalese nationals, reached New Delhi late on Tuesday night. Upon arrival, he was welcomed by Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting and Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying L Murugan. After the evacuation, Nepal’s Ambassador to India said, “We would like to thank the Government of India for repatriating the Nepali citizens from Tel Aviv to Delhi. They have reached here safely. Flights from Nepal are also being operated to evacuate the Nepali citizens.

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There are about 4,500 Nepalese in Israel, out of which 400 have been evacuated.

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