Nuh Riots – Rioters Were Called from Rajsthan to Take Revenge from Cow Protectors

Nuh Dange

Gurugram Desk, Delhi Magazine: The strings of violence in Haryana’s Nuh have now been linked to the neighboring state of Rajasthan as well. On the day of violence, a crowd of rioters had reached Bharatpur and some villages of Alwar as well. More than 5 have been arrested in this.

The 4 accused belong to the same Pahadi police station area of Bharatpur, where two Muslim youths Nasir-Junaid were burnt alive in February. All of them have been arrested.


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4 Youths from Rajsthan were arrested

Nuh’s Sadar and City Police have arrested 82 people. Among these, the accused arrested by the Sadar police include Sabir, Ashfaq, Salim of village Savler in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, Altaf of village Ghiseda and Ishu of Chhapar police station Bhiwadi in Alwar district.

Dange in all countries by muslims

Nasir-Junaid were residents of Ghatmika village under Pahadi police station area of Bharatpur. Who died in Loharu of Bhiwani in February this year. Whose allegation was on the cow protectors of Haryana. In which the most prominent name is that of Monu Manesar of Gurugram.

Last Year also Rajsthan were in News for Tailor Kanhaiya Lal Murder

Last year also in Rajasthan, Islamic fundamentalists had slit the throat of a Tailor. In June last year, two assailants barged into his shop in broad daylight. He was stabbed several times with a knife and his throat was slit.

Junaid and Nasir

The accused have also made a complete video of the murder. They have also taken responsibility for the murder by posting a post on social media after the incident. In the video, They even threatened PM Narendra Modi. Both the accused Riyaz Ansari and Mohammad Ghaus were residents of Surajpole area of Udaipur in Rajsthan.

What happened on the day of Nuh Mewat violence

Like every year, Hindus in Nuh were taking out Brij Mandal Yatra on 31st July. Its permission was also taken from the administration. During the Brijmandal Yatra on Monday, it was attacked by fanatic Jihadi Muslims. In no time it turned into violence between the two communities.

Hundreds of cars were set on fire. Cyber police station was also attacked. Firing also took place. Apart from this, hundreds of people were taken hostage in a temple. After the intervention of the police, people were evacuated from there. Police people were also attacked by Muslims. After Nuh, there was stone pelting and firing in Sohna as well. The vehicles were set on fire. After this the fire of violence spread from Nuh to Faridabad-Gurugram.

People who lost their lives in this attack:

People who died in Riots

Abhishek Chauhan – A Young Man Lost his Life

Cow vigilante Abhishek Chauhan protected women and children even though he was unarmed and attained martyrdom while fighting radical jihadists.

abhishek chauhan
Cow vigilante Abhishek Chauhan protected women and children even though he was unarmed and attained martyrdom while fighting radical jihadists.

Home Gaurad Neeraj

Home guard Neeraj also lost his life in this violence. Neeraj’s family lives in Garhi Bajidpur, Gurugram. This is a Hindu dominated village, where 50 Muslim families also live. In a conversation with Aaj Tak, Neeraj’s family members have told that people in their village have always lived together in peace and harmony.

He had never even thought of such violence. Neeraj’s entire family comes from the background of Defense and Home Guards. Talking to Aaj Tak, Neeraj’s father became emotional. He said, I served the country, I have fought in Kargil, I am proud that my son was martyred in the line of duty. Neeraj was cremated yesterday with full respect.

Home Gaurd Gurusevak

The violence that broke out after the stone pelting on the Brajmandal Yatra in Nuh also claimed 32-year-old Gursewak Singh, a home guard resident of village Fatehpuri in Tohana block of Fatehabad. Gursevak was the only son of his parents. He has two small children.

Shakti Saini

Shakti Saini was a Hindu resident of Muslim-dominated Bhadas village. Shakti Saini used to support his family by working in a sweet shop. Shakti Saini was present at his shop during the attack. He was abducted from the shop and taken to some other place and later thrashed and thrown at Badkali Square. On this square is the sweet shop where Shakti used to work.

Pradeep Sharma

Kapil Kumar Tyagi, who was present at the time of the incident along with Pradeep Sharma, also suffered serious injuries in the attack and is undergoing treatment. Kapil Tyagi told that he and Pradeep were rescued by the police from Nalhad temple and brought to Nuhan’s police line. After keeping them in the police line for a long time in the night, between 2 to 3 in the night before dawn, the police asked them to go along saying that they would drop them till Gurugram. Pradeep was driving Kapil’s car Swift Dzire. 3 Hindu women were also sitting behind, who were sent to their respective homes along with these two.

Kapil Tyagi claims that the road by which he had to go was quite deserted. They had gone only a short distance without the police when an unfamiliar Scorpio sped in front of them. When his car moved further for 2 to 3 kms, only then a crowd of Muslims was seen on both sides of the road. About 300 people were present in this crowd from children to old people. The mob surrounded Kapil’s car and started pelting stones. The glasses of the car were broken in the stone pelting. The women sitting behind also suffered injuries. Meanwhile, a stone hit the head of Pradeep Kumar who was driving the car and he became unconscious.

Kapil further told that seeing the darkness, he asked the women to get down from the car and run away. Meanwhile, he himself came in front of the crowd. Some people in the crowd started dragging him and some people started pulling out the unconscious Pradeep Kumar who was present in the car. The women probably hid somewhere nearby. Sometimes Kapil used to run away after freeing himself from the crowd and sometimes the crowd used to catch him again. Meanwhile, stones were pelted at another Ertiga belonging to the Hindu organization, which was running with Kapil’s car, but it managed to move ahead from the crowd.

Kapil says that the same Ertiga went ahead and informed the policemen present at the intersection at a short distance about the attack going on behind. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police team reached there, seeing which the crowd dispersed. It was the police team that saved Kapil from the clutches of the mob and the women who were hiding nearby somehow managed to escape. Kapil alleges that the violent Muslim mob dragged his colleague Pradeep Kumar along with them. Later the news of his death was received in the hospital.

Hafiz Saad

On July 31, the fire of communal violence that broke out in Haryana’s Nuh engulfed Gurugram as well. When the news of the death of Hindus in Nuh riots reached Gurugram, on the intervening night of Monday-Tuesday, some mischievous elements attacked an under-construction mosque located in Sector 57 of Gurugram. A 26-year-old man named Hafiz Saad died in the attack of miscreants.

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