The Greek Island Once Coveted by The Beatles Is Now Up for Sale

Beautiful Greek Island - Tsougria

Greek Desk, Delhi Magazine: Tsougria, an islet in the Sporades, lies just 10 minutes from the port of Skiathos. Known for its crystal-clear waters and dense vegetation, it is often described as a Greek exotic island with a Caribbean essence. Tourists can reach the island via boats from the ports of Skiathos or Achladia.

The islet, covered primarily by pine trees, boasts beautiful beaches with white sands, dunes, and vibrant tropical colors, making it a popular summer destination. Despite its allure, Tsougria remains uninhabited, according to census data. The island spans an area of 1.14 square kilometers and is divided into three properties: the Evangelistria Monastery of Skiathos and two other historical families.

Greek island for sale

Recently, an advertisement on a real estate platform revealed that this earthly paradise is for sale for 30 million euros, with the price being negotiable. Interestingly, Tsougria was once coveted by the legendary band, The Beatles.

In the mid-60s, during their trip to Greece, The Beatles expressed interest in purchasing the exotic island of Tsougria. However, despite their enthusiasm, they were informed that the island was not for sale. Their visit to Greece in July 1967 was widely covered by Greek media, with the newspaper “To Vima” reporting daily on their cruise through the Greek islands. The Beatles had their eye on three islands: Agia Triada opposite Eretria, Lihadonisia in northern Evia, and Tsougria opposite Skiathos. Tsougria was reportedly their top choice.

Tourist at Tsougria - Island of Greece

Reports from the time indicate that while the formalities for the sale were progressing, with a price of £100,000 being settled, The Beatles withdrew their interest due to potential bureaucratic difficulties advised by their lawyers. Another article suggested that the purchase request had been rejected by the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure Tsougria remained accessible to all Greeks. National Archives documents indicate that discussions continued for several months after The Beatles’ visit, but a memo on October 30, 1967, confirmed the group decided not to proceed due to “certain legal difficulties and additional sums required to acquire the land in question.”

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The mystery of which island The Beatles truly wanted to buy remains unsolved. However, it is certain that Tsougria enchanted the legendary band, and they desired to acquire it, though their dream remained unfulfilled.

Today, 57 years later, Tsougria is available for purchase for 30 million euros. Anyone with the means can now make this idyllic islet their own.

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