All Time Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

christmas gift ideas for men
No matter how fashionable men are, the fact is that they are not good shoppers. Despite their hobbies and interests, men are actually lazy and not good when it comes to their shopping skills. Very few men go out for shopping if compared to women and thus you will have to do the shopping for your men this Christmas.

christmas gift ideas for men


Christmas is around the corners and people all over this blue planet have done most of their preparations. If you hadn’t created your shopping list, hurry up. Doing last minute shopping isn’t a good idea and thus you should make a full proof shopping plan and start reaching out the stores and online shops from now.
As usual you will have to buy a lot of gift items for your friends, family members, relatives and guests. You should also look for best gift (no more boring ties) items for your man no matter if he is your father, husband, boyfriend or a person who is special in your life.

Best Christmas gift Ideas are as follow: 

  1. A Cashmere Jumper/Sweater:
  2. Tile Pro
  3. Laptop Bag: 
  4. Fitness Tracker
  5. Home Assistant
  6. Perfect Sneakers
  7. Bluetooth Speaker
  8. Smartwatch
  9. Leather Jacket
  10. Trimmer


If you are out of inspiration and overwhelmed with the tons of gift options available then you have come to the right place. I have featured top 10 Christmas gift ideas for men and I am sure you will find it worthy and useful. Let’s start the list;
1.A Cashmere Jumper/Sweater:

Winter has arrived and your man will love to wear a cashmere jumper this Christmas. The best thing about cashmere clothes is that they are made with the world’s finest wool and provide great warmth during cold seasons. Cashmere fabric is extremely soft, lightweight, warm and breathable. The jumper I have listed here is made with sustainable and premium quality Mongolian cashmere wool. This crew-neck jumper is capable in providing superior warmth and utmost comfort. Simple enough to be paired with a lot of winter outfits. 


2.Tile Pro: Tile mate is basically a Bluetooth tracking device which will help him find the kind of stuffs he loses usually such as his keys, wallet, watch etc. You can ring your lost things or stuff which are nearby but out of sight through your smartphone over Bluetooth connectivity. You can even find your connected smartphone it is out of sight by double tapping the Tile Pro. When you double press this tracking device it makes your smartphone ring no matter even it is on silent mode. Join the Tile community to track your things which are out far and out of the suitable range. 



Key Features:
§  Tracking Range – 300 feet
§  Volume – 3 times if compared to its predecessors
§  Battery Life – One Year (Replaceable)
§  Compatibility – Android, iOS, Home Assistants (Alexa)
3.Laptop Bag: A quality laptop bag could be a better gift option for men’s this Christmas. The best part about laptop bags are they are multipurpose and can be used as travel, office, school backpack. These bags come with multilayered compartments and help us in keeping out things more organized.

This laptop bag has a special compartment for your power bank. It has an attached USB charging port which will make it possible to juice your USB devices while traveling. This bag is made with extra durable and comfortable material and is also water resistant.

4.Fitness Tracker: If your man is a fitness freak then he would love to carry this fitness tracker. Fitbit is one of the world leading brands when it comes to best quality fitness trackers. These devices are capable in performing multiple tasks and provide great convenience and comfort. The Fitbit Charge 2 featured here is equipped with motion sensors, heart rate monitor, distance tracker and many more chipsets. This device can monitor your heart rate, track distance traveled, calories burned, workout duration and many more. A quality fitness tracker will help your man achieving his fitness goals in a easier and convenient way. 

Key Features:
  •  Brand – Fitbit
  • Display – OLED
  •  Compatibility – Android and iOS devices
  •  Water Resistant
  • Trackers – Heart Rate, Distance, Calorie Burnt, Active Minutes, Alarms, Guided Coaching etc
  • GPS
  • Parent Fitbit Health App

5.Home Assistant: Our home devices are getting smarter with every passing day and now they can also reply and work on voice commands. Many brands offer a huge range of home assistants and Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular home assistants. No matter if your man is a tech junkie or not, he would really love and appreciate this smart home assistant. The Amazon Echo listed here is a multifunctional device and can perform a lot of tasks including making calls, playing music, setting alarms and timers, providing weather updates, create to-do list and many more. Amazon Echo is also developed to control smart home devices.


  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Built-in Microphones
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Works Completely on Voice Commands
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS Devices
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

6. Perfect Sneakers: Men love to own a good collection of sneakers and shoes and if you are thinking to gift a pair of sneakers this Christmas that would be undoubtedly great. Before spending on sneakers make sure to buy premium quality and durable sneakers. No matter jogging or casual, sneakers is one of the top men’s fashion staples and he will be very happy to receive it as a Christmas gift.

7. Bluetooth Speaker: Home assistants can also play music but Bluetooth speakers are the most dedicated devices when it comes to stream music and tracks. The best thing about these speakers is that they are portable and have wireless connectivity. I have featured JBL flip here and it deserved to be in this list. JBL flip Bluetooth speakers are ipx7 waterproof and fully aquatic. You can include this Bluetooth speaker in your pool parties and water sports. JBL flip provides 12+ hours of playtime and can be connected to other JBL speakers to amplify the volume.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Music Streaming
  •  3,000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 12 Hours Playtime
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Speakerphone
  • JBL Connect+ (Connect more than 100 JBL Bluetooth Speakers at a Time)
  • Voice Assistant


  8. Smartwatch: Even watches are getting smarter these days. Watches are one of the most preferred gift options from ages and nothing would be better than gifting your man a smartwatch this Christmas. You won’t believe but you can do a lot of smartphone stuffs on your smartwatch. A large AMOLED display makes it possible to explore the smartwatch. 1.15 GHz processor and 0.75GB RAM makes the smartwatch perform even better and faster. You can use it as a fitness tracker to achieve your weight-loss and fitness goals. The Samsung Bixby smartwatch is loaded with extraordinary features and some are mentioned below: 


  •         Make Phone Calls, Text Messages
  •         Fitness Tracking
  •         Samsung Pay for Digital Payment
  •         Stream YouTube, Spotify and other Social Media Platforms
  •         Compatible with your iOS and Android Smartphone
  •         247mAh Battery
  •        4GB Storage and Bluetooth Wi-Fi connectivity


9.Leather Jacket: Your man’s winter wardrobe is incomplete without a quality leather jacket and if his leather jacket is old enough you should gift a new one this festive season. No matter men or women, leather jackets are the staple winter outfit and everyone should own at least one leather jacket.

You can buy it from shopping mall or can place an order online just make sure to invest on best quality leather jacket and if you are a animal lover and don’t want to wrap your body with a living thing’s skin then you can buy jacket made with synthetic leathers too.

10.Trimmer: Your man should take great care of his look and put great effort in grooming himself. A few pair of quality trimmers would help him trim his beard and hair. The Philips multigroom trimmer comes with 10 different attachments to trim your hair and beard in different shape and style. The box also contains a ear and nose hair trimmer to trim your nose and ear hair conveniently.

Key Features: 


  • 10 Different Attachments
  •   Steel Blades
  •   Reinforced Guards
  •   Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  •   60 min Runtime
  •   Washable Attachments


Bottom Line:
Shopping gifts for a man was never easy but it doesn’t means to invest on boring gifts. Take your time and make a small list of top 10 Christmas gift ideas which your guy will really love to unwrap these Christmas season. This list gift idea for men will surely match any budget and interest.
Avoid the classic men Christmas gift ideas (winter socks, ties, towel, bathrobe etc) and go for the more personalized picks this time. It’s always been a good idea to buy gift items according to an individual interest. The best gift idea for a foodie and a golfer would be completely different and unique, so shop wisely to make more from your investment and efforts. You can also read some best decorating ideas for Christmas.


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