Why Men are Afraid of Beautiful Women?

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Today, it is more and more likely that you can face a situation where a beautiful and successful girl remains surrounded by loneliness, despite the fact that every day she feels the admiring glances of men on herself. And her friend with an average appearance has acquired a big friend circle.

Let’s try to consider why men are afraid of beautiful women and how to stop the strong half of humanity from behaving this way. Many men, when meeting a beautiful woman, have the thought that he is not worthy of such luxury, and besides, he believes that there is probably a contender for her hand, and certainly not one. And in most cases, he thinks that he will be wasting time if he tries to strike up some kind of conversation with her.

Psychologists also tried to find out why a man is afraid of a woman with their research. It turned out that 70% of the subjects are afraid to have any connection with a beautiful woman because after a few minutes of communication they begin to get nervous and feel more vulnerable than usual, which quickly throws them off balance. In order to stop being afraid of the beautiful half of humanity, a man needs, first of all, to admit to himself that he is excited. You need to let yourself know what you need to do to feel comfortable.

A silly statement at first glance. After all, how can you be afraid of beautiful women? But for some reason most men are afraid of them. They admire female beauty, but they are inactive.

What are they really afraid of?

1. Fear of rejection.

Aren’t you ashamed to admit to someone that you, man, are afraid of a little fragile girl? Doesn’t it hit your vanity that you can’t do anything at the sight of a beauty except to fantasize? Take action, otherwise you will never get rid of fear. Fear is like fire, and it lives inside each of us. If you do not give it a way out, it will go out by itself or burn you from the inside. Curb your fear – turn it into a driving force.

beautiful stylish woman symbolic body2. “This is not my level or she is already taken”

– thoughts of insecure guys. Do you consider yourself unworthy of her, ugly, unkempt? Is that why you set yourself up for rejection in advance? Are you counting on losing? Like, she’s perfect, what can I give a girl like that? This is how the majority thinks, but you are not the majority. There are few of them. Stop looking at beauties as strangers, considering them inaccessible. Take control and control of life. Trust me, these are just your excuses in your head. And you don’t know how girls really think and what they want. You don’t know yet. Improve yourself and develop from day to day. Raise your level in everything and at any opportunity.

3. “I will not pull it” is a common belief

Yes, men have a stereotype. It’s hard to argue with a beautiful. Think, well, what normal girl would refuse good cosmetics, expensive clothes and the opportunity to regularly visit elite beauty salons and famous resorts?

4. Already taken

Chances are, you look at a pretty girl and think she’s already busy. Or do you want to think so to justify your inaction. Most men generally consider beautiful girls to be inaccessible. Few people, even in their thoughts, dare to assume that he can have sex with her. That is, mostly men admire beautiful girls, but sleep with accessible, that is, ugly. After all, how can such a “beauty” be without male friends? Maybe because everyone thinks the way you do.

5. Low self-esteem

Almost all men have low self-esteem regarding women. Regardless of the status and amount of money in the account. They are confident in their professions and hobbies. But this confidence has nothing to do with women. Otherwise, they would have bathed in the attention of beautiful, well-groomed girls for a long time. But this is not the case. Very often, successful businessmen keep an eye on their wives, put guards on them, and everywhere try to control them. They listen to calls, read messages, track their location, provoke them on purpose and check for loyalty. All this is the result of low self-esteem. He is afraid that she will leave him for another, not realizing that by such methods he himself accelerates this process. The problem is solved at the root, but very few people know it!

6. Fear of being the center of attention

Beautiful women always, in any place, at any time and in any clothes, attract attention to themselves. Men, as a rule, do not like excessive attention to themselves, and therefore refuse in advance from relationships with beauties: the attention that they will attract will be thrown on them.

According to research by scientists, communication with a beautiful woman knocks men off balance, they begin to get nervous and feel unprotected, vulnerable. And a deeply rooted social stereotype that a beautiful woman always has a lot of admirers, which means a too long “past”. And every man wants to consider himself the only one, and not another gentleman in the beauty’s list. It is not realistic to convince a man otherwise,

7. Unlucky contender

She has a lot of fans, and he clearly loses against their background, – so the indecisive gentleman thinks. She is certainly not free . Such a girl cannot but have a permanent boyfriend, or even a legitimate husband – so what’s the point in coming up?

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