Who is Pakalu Papito Aka Xavier : Bio, History, Personal Information and Wikipedia

Xavier and pakalu papito real dp

Who is Pakalu Papito?

Pakalu Papito an Indian indian mustache guy who lives abroad. He is an internet sensation/entertainer who posts funny and relatable tweets. He is also known as Xavier on Facebook.

Story of Xavier or Pakalu Papito:

Xavier started tweeter account on a challenge, His friends bet him that he wouldn’t cross just 500 followers, but they loss to him and he gained much popularity through his funny tweets and reply. Now he has 256k followers on his tweeter page.

Xavier’s profile photo is actually a profile photo used by a Twitter comedian named Pakalu Papito. The funny and ironic comments on Xavier’s meme also have the same characteristics as Pakalu Papito’s tweet on the Twitter account @pakalupapito which was famous in the mid-2010s.

Xavier Also Becomes an object for memes also. People also use him in funny reply memes. He mostly tweets about relationships. Check below some of his funny tweets:


  1. “people have ex girlfriends,

i have ex crushes”

pakalu papito funny tweet- 1

2. “i’m going to hell in every religion.

pakalu papito funny tweet- 2

3.  “Happy Women’s Day to Alexa and Siri. The only Women who listen to men.”

Xavier Funny reply on womens day


4. “i’m not like other teenagers i’m 51”

pakalu papito funny tweet- 4

5.  “i followed my heart and it led me into the fridge.”

pakalu papito funny tweet- 5

6. “me: not everything is about sex also me: i’m horny”

pakalu papito funny tweet- 6

7.  “take a broken girl fix her …. and she will go back to the same guy again.”

pakalu papito funny tweet- 7

8. “my mom say that everyone has a beautiful side. So, i guess i m a circle”.

Some other funny tweet pics by same guy on her twitter account:

funny tweets by pakalu papito -9

funny tweets by pakalu papito -10

funny reply by Xavier


Similar guys to Xavier

People Generally believes that Xavier is a South Indian Guy, but some of them claimed that he is a north Indian guy and his real name is Mr. Om Prakash. He still works in IIT Kanpur in Physics Department.

om prkash - similar to xavier

Actually, admin Pakalu Papito also created an account on Facebook in September 2013. However, on Facebook, he generally only reposts jokes that he tells on Twitter. In 2015, Pakalu Papito’s page on Facebook managed to get 478 thousand likes.

Unfortunately, Pakalu Papito’s popularity was only fleeting. In 2018, his Twitter account was suspended and his Facebook page was deleted. It is unclear the reason for the loss of the two accounts.

After @pakalupapito was blocked, a similar account named @pakalupapitow succeeded in gaining popularity. It uses the same joke formula, where the admin often jokes on puns. However, it is not certain whether the person behind the two accounts is the same person or not.


Based on the website that monitors the history of the Know Your Meme meme, Pakalu Papito is a comedy account on Twitter that has been active since 2013. His first tweet was dated July 12, 2013. At that time, he tweeted “hello Twitter I’m single,” in English.

Personal information about Xavier:

Origin: South India

Occupation: Store Keeper/ IT Professional

Marital Status on Social Media: Unlimited Single ( Akhand Single)

Real Life Marital Stutus: Maried

Tweets abouts: Relationship

Family: Not Known

Wife Name: Xavier’s Wife

Origin: South India

Current Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Height: 5’7

Color: Dark

In competition with: David

Real life pic of Xavier or Pakalu:

latest real pic of Xavier or Pakalu Papito







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3 thoughts on “Who is Pakalu Papito Aka Xavier : Bio, History, Personal Information and Wikipedia

  1. I believe, the reason for deleting Twitter and Facebook account might be due to complaint filed by original owner of the profile photo, or Om Prakash, working in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

    I also feel it’s a crime to use someone’s photo without contacting the owner.

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