Russian Singer Alsou and Model Anastasia Reshetova Exchange Heated Remarks Amid Personal Conflict

Russian singer Alsou

Russia Desk, Delhi Magazine: In a recent public exchange, singer Alsou made strong comments about her ex-husband Yan Abramov’s alleged mistress, model Anastasia Reshetova. Alsou’s pointed remarks came just a day before, where she criticized Reshetova for her perceived hypocrisy and dishonesty. In her statement, Alsou also mentioned that her post inadvertently gave Reshetova publicity and reminded her rival to pay her taxes.

In response, Anastasia Reshetova chose to maintain a composed demeanor, indicating that she prefers to stay out of the conflict. The model emphasized that she is preoccupied with her own endeavors and has no intention of engaging in a public dispute.

“I used to greatly underestimate one key moment in any business – it’s focus. In our dynamic world with its endless flow of not always significant information, it is very easy to get distracted from really important tasks,” wrote the 28-year-old ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati.

The conflict escalated after Alsou’s fans took to social media to voice their support, attacking Reshetova and labeling her with derogatory terms. In response to the backlash, Reshetova decided to disable comments on her posts to avoid further harassment.


On the professional front, Alsou has some exciting news. The singer recently announced her new release, “The End,” adding a fresh highlight to her music career amidst the personal turmoil.


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The situation continues to unfold as both public figures navigate the fallout from this highly publicized dispute.

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