Vastu Tips for Home and Kitchen and Bedroom

Vastu Tips for home and kitchen

Is it necessary to know the facts about Vastu before start building your dream home?

Well-designed home with all amenities properly managed is bliss to live in and more importantly, it is an abode as happiness, prosperity, good health, wealth and a soothing aura. Many people say that if you want your house to be bloomed with positivity and harmony, you should consider principles of Vastu Shastra before designing. It is all about your beliefs. We live in a world of 2 poled opinions, with some people who have ejected the word Vastu from their dictionaries whereas some who still believe in the power of Vastu Shastra. So, here is an article with the proper knowledge to clear all your misconceptions and tell you about the importance of Vastu Shastra before you start building your dream house.
First, understand,

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shashtra is an ancient practice that follows rules and principles to construct buildings, homes in a way that offers prosperity to the dwellers of the house. It works with the positive energy in our surroundings, with Vastu compliant home absorbs the positive energy from the environment and brings happiness and peace to the inmates of the home. The construction of a building is done by using the important norms of Vastu which results in good health, prosperity, wealth and contentment to the people if the Vastu principle is followed with faith and belief. Vastu Shastra is literally translated to “science of Architecture” which originated in India. It gives knowledge of ground preparation, principles of design, structure, layout measurements, space arrangement for constructing a building.

Vastu Principle for a New home

If you are thinking of constructing a new home make sure you do implement Vastu principles from the beginning of the construction. Promoters of Vastu Shastra believe that nature is made up of 5 elements that are air, water, fire, planets, and earth. According to promoters, it is also believed that Vastu Shastra controls the earth’s magnetic power and gravity force. With Vastu implementation in the house and, we can synchronize the home with each nature element’s dynamics. The results of Vastu are enormous, it brings positive changes in life. Because if you are surrounded by positive energy and great vibes, you will definitely excel in your life.

You are reading Vastu tips for New Home.

Some Scientific Facts to know about Vastu before building a home. There are some facts that people believe and followed while constructing a home.

1. Bhoomi Poojan Vastu: 
Bhoomi- Mother earth, according to Hindu mythology earth is considered as our goddess and mother. Bhoomi Puja is the first thing we Hindus do before constructing a house and it is highly recommended by Vastu Shastra. The worship of land is considered very auspicious and done with the hope of hurdle less and smooth construction of the building, another reason is for asking forgiveness from the motherland in case any trouble causes to other living beings while construction process.
Please take care the following Bhoomi poojan Vastu tips:

  • Always do Bhoomi Pujan in North East direction only.
  • Water tanks should be constructed in northeast or north direction only.
2. Plot’s/Home Direction Vastu:

The foremost thing to keep in mind is the direction in which your house is facing.

  1.  According to Vastu rules a home or a building’s face should be in a north or east direction, east because the first Sun rays enter your house providing the perfect light and energy you require to kick start your day. You are reading Vastu tips for new home/ plat direction.
  2. These two directions are considered to be good, as per Vastu as these two directions bring positive energy to home and the home occupants.
  3.  Direction has a positive and negative impact on the dwellers of home, therefore if your plot’s face is already southwest direction, extra care should be taken in construction.
3. Plot’s Shape Vastu Tips for a New Home:

You need to take care the following Vastu Shastra tips:

  1. According to Vastu, for home construction, the ideal shape of a plot is square or rectangle. Irregular shapes of plots should be avoided. 
  2. Vastu gives us the perfect ratio of length and breadth of the home, it should be 1:1, 1:1.5 or 1:2. 
  3. One more important thing that one should keep in mind while buying a plot is that the corners of the plot in the east, west, north, and south must not be missing, it should have all the corners of four directions without any irregularity, cuts, etc.
4. Building’s Shape and Structure:

The structure of the home is as important as the plot’s shape. The shape of the house should comply with the Vastu rules.  Vastu tips for New Building’s Shap and Structure:

  1. Two shapes are considered the best for homes and commercial purposes buildings. The two shapes are Shermuksi and Gaumukhi. 
  2. According to Vastu, these shapes help bring peace, prosperity and well being to the persons living in the home or building.
  3.  The Gaumukhi shape is said to be ideal for homes, in which the structure is narrow at the entry and wide at the back.
  4.  Just opposite of Gaumukhi, Shermukhi shape is wide at the entrance and narrow from the back and are considered best for the commercial buildings.

5. Vastu tips for Kitchen or Rasoi Ghar:

Rasoi ghar vastu tips

As per the famous Vastu consultant Arti Mittal, The kitchen is the center of cooking food and food is the basis of our physical and mental health. Therefore, if the kitchen is situated in the right and auspicious direction and its composition is adapted to the rules of Vastu Shastra, then not only the cook, but also all the family members who consume that food, have a profound effect. According to Vastu rules the kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the house.

  1. A few things to remember are that the kitchen should not be in the front of the entrance gate or adjacent/above the prayer hall.
  2. Working in a kitchen while facing east direction is considered auspicious. Avoid making a kitchen near to lavatory. You are reading vastu tips for kitchen.
  3. While constructing the kitchen, always take care that the door is never in the south direction.
  4. Lighting of the kitchen such as a window or a bulb must be in the east and north direction.
  5. Make a window in the kitchen that opens in the east direction, so that the morning sun rays can enter the kitchen.
  6. Knives, scissors or any other sharp things should not be hung on the kitchen wall. This condition of goods also creates many problems.
  7.  The ideal situation when preparing food is to face eastward. If the mouth faces south while cooking, the women of the house may face problems. Causing Kitchen Vastu Dosh or Rasoi Vastu Dosh.
  8. If you prepare food by facing towards the south-west direction, then the culmination of Kitchen Vastu Dosh can disturb the peace and happiness of the house.
  9. Cooking food facing west direction can cause skin and bone diseases. This also becomes a reason for Kitchen(Rasoi) Vastu Dosh.
  10. If the food is cooked by facing north, then there is a fear of financial loss.
  11.  The stove in the kitchen should not be facing north and south because the north direction is of Kuber and the fire of Kubera is not made by God. Also, the stove should never be kept adjacent to the wall.
  12. There should be no green and black stone in the kitchen. This is more appropriate if it is colored red.
  13. Dustbin placed in the kitchen should always be in the northwest.
  14. There should always be a distance in the stove and sink in the kitchen.
  15. The fridge in the kitchen should always be in the northwest direction.
  16. If you do not have any other option for any one or more of the above, then there is another solution for you, which will definitely remove the Vaastu defects of your kitchen. Put rock salt in a small bowl of copper and keep it in the kitchen in the east direction, by doing this your kitchen will be defective.
  17. The position of the gas stove in the kitchen should also be such that it is not visible to anyone from outside.
  18. In the end, one more thing to know is that if ants or cheetahs speak in your kitchen, then this also indicates the phenomenon of raising the way of expenditure of money. Keep small camphor lumps in the path of ants or ants. You will get amazing benefits by doing this.
  19. Stone Bathtub must be located in West portion and provision for washbasin could be made in North-east
Some Other Important  Kitchen Vastu Tips:

According to the scripture, one should never wear footwear in the kitchen. By doing this the person suffers financial loss.

There should never be any kind of balcony in the kitchen. It increases negative energy.
Whenever you eat food in the kitchen, take care that you never sit in the middle of the kitchen. Also, do not face towards west and south direction while eating. It is not auspicious.


6. Bedroom Vastu Tips:
Bedroom vastu norms

Bedroom Vastu is also a main subject when we are talking about home vastu tips. We can’t ignore the Vastu norms in this main location of our house. The ideal direction of a bedroom is in the Southwest corner of a house with an entry door located in the east or north direction. There are some other Vastu tips for Bedroom:

  1. Vastu norms say that a bedroom should be in a square or a rectangle shape only.
  2. We can use a picture of rising sun in the east side of our bedroom. It brings positive energy in the bedroom.
  3. We should a picture of a running horse in your bedroom in the south direction. It is said that a running horse symbolizes speed, intensity, energy, independence and success. By using such a picture at home, it brings happiness.
  4. Photos of flowers should be put in the bedroom, it gives us a feeling of freshness.
  5. If there is a beam in the bedroom, do not place your bed or dining table under it.
  6. Keep in mind that brooms should not be kept in the bedroom.
  7. For the love of husband and wife, keep a picture of love birds or a pair of madarin duck or put a picture of family with a happy posture.

Vastu tips for Happy Married Life

  • Bedroom Vastu also plays an important role in ones marital life. According to Vastu Shastra if things are not maintained properly in the bedroom, then couples face all kinds of problems in life.
  • If there are distances between husband and wife, then in order to strengthen their relationship, light two red candles in the bedroom.
  • Apart from this, small stones can also be kept in glass or ceramic pot. This will infuse positive energy in the room and increase the love between the two.
  • Do not put pictures with water in the bedroom. Rather, place any romantic picture in its place. It can also be of any bird. But keep in mind that the bird should not be alone but in pairs.
7.Colors And interior design:
Vastu principles are not just restricted to the layout and direction, it also tells us about the right color choices for a particular area in the house. For instance, orange is the most ideal color for the dining area. Generally, also, one should avoid using black or dark colors in the home as they attract negative energy, instead of dark colors, use light colors such as yellow, pink, etc. that also soothe your mind and let you relax in your own space.
8. Washrooms Vastu Tips:
According to Vastu Shastra, the best place to construct lavatories is in the South East or North West Direction of your house. Make sure that your washroom is not in adjacency with Prayer Hall and Kitchen.

9. Prayer Halls ( Pooja Room Vastu Tips):
Pooja ghar vastu tips

Just like everything is governed with a set of rules, the prayer hall or Pooja Room of your house should also be made with Vastu principles to attain all the positivity and benefits. Many people tend to avoid construing a separate Pooja hall in their house but why? Because the Pooja room is the one that has all the good vibrations we need in the morning. So creating a space for worshipping is one good thing to keep in mind which would help channelize harmonious vibrations at our house for the whole day. According to Vastu, you must worship facing east direction.

You need to follow following Vastu Tips for Pooja Room:

  1. The direction of Pooja- Ghar or worship-room has special significance at home. According to Vastu, the best direction of the house of worship is considered to be the north-east direction.
  2. The color of the pooja house should be white or light cream.
  3. According to the Vastu, Pics/Status of God should never be more than 8 inches high. Otherwise, the head of the household gets the chance of getting a certain amount of trouble from the children.
  4. Do not build kitchens, toilets, worship houses near each other.
  5. Pooja-Ghar Should not be under the stairs in the house.
  6. Do not make the puja house in the bedroom, if the temple is built in the bedroom due to lack of space, then put curtains around the temple.
  7. No fragmentary idol of any god should ever be kept in the temple. Also there should not be many idols of the same god.
  8. Do not keep the picture of God or your idol etc. in the wrong angle, even by mistake. This causes interruptions in the work being done.
  9. Establish the temple on the main day of that deity or when the lunar is complete or on the 5,10,15 date. Same in case of Installing a new idol of the God in the temple.
  10. Do not establish the fiery god (like Kali) in the house.
  11. No fragmentary idol of any god should ever be kept in the temple. No fragmentary idol of any god should ever be kept in the temple. Also there should not be many idols of the same god.
  12. Toilets are prohibited in the vicinity of the worship house, up or down. Complete cleanliness and purity in and around the worship hall is mandatory.
Vastu- Dosh/ Vastu- Problem/ Vastu-Deftect and How to resolve it?
What is Vastu- Dosh?
Vastu is a science to keep all things in the right place and to balance with the elements of nature. Vastu Shastra mentions ten directions, including four directions, four sides corners, Sky side and earth side. If the building is constructed according to Vastu rules then it gives happiness, peace and positive results. If any house or place of work violates the principle of Vastu, then it is called vastu Dosh. Due to Vastu Dosha, people living in that building have to face family, social and social problems. There are remedies for every Vastu dosh so that that vastu dosh can be removed. There are many ways to resolve Vastu defects, such as changing the room’s furnishings, changing the interior design of the house.
 But if any type of Vastu defect remains during construction work then stress, disturbance, familial discord, money problem etc. have to be faced in life. But when we get the house built, we make many such mistakes that cause Vastu defects. If there is a Vastu Dosh in your house, then many problems will arise from it. If there is a Vastu Dosh in your house too, then we are telling you some such measures by which you can remove Vastu Dosha without spending too much.

Ways to solve Home Vastu Dosh

  • According to Vastu Shastra, horseshoe hanging in the house is considered very auspicious. So put a black horse U-shaped cord on your main door. With which you will continue to get security and positive energy. Similarly, make a big swastika symbol of vermilion at the main entrance of the house. Because Swastik has special importance in our culture. Vastu dosha will be removed by making Swastik at the main entrance of the house.
  • To get rid of Vastu Dosha, you should read the unbroken Ramayana at home for 9 days. Put a vase on the north-east corner of the house and if that urn is of clay, it will be better. Make sure that the urn is never broken. If you believe in Vastu Shastra, then you should put a picture of the mountain behind in the hall of your house or where you sit. By doing this your confidence and will power will increase. With these measures, you can easily remove Vastu defects of your home.
  • Sometimes in the house one should mop with salt water.
  • Make a dehri at the main gate in the house. Due to this, bad and other defects do not enter the house.
  • Blue color should never be done in the kitchen. Because blue color is considered a symbol of poison.
10. Few more Vastu Tips to keep in mind for wellness:

Staircase of your house should be built only in South or West Direction. According to Vastu principles, southeast Direction facing doors are also not good.  Plots with triangular shapes aren’t considered auspicious for the growth of the owner of the house. The plot should not be sandwiched between two larger plots. Proper placement and designing of your house according to Vastu principles would help you bring prosperity and positive energy to your house. According to Indian Vastu Shastra, it is very important to first decide where to keep the money in the house. The place of wealth should be facing towards north. In such a situation, wealth is increased, it is believed. If there is water dripping from the tap in the house, then the water dripping from the tap, repair it. Because according to Indian architecture, if the water drips from the tap, then your money also flows like water.

According to Indian Vastu Shastra, broken utensils in the house promote negative energy and inhibit wealth growth. So avoid doing this. Sell ​​the vessel. This is better. Where water goes out in the house also depends on the speed of your money. According to Indian architecture, if you choose south and west places for drainage. So it is better in terms of Vastu. It is said that in such a situation, one does not have to face any problems related to economic problems.

Stay tuned to famous astrologer’s Arti Mittal official website for more astrological facts.

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