How to Jazz Up the First Valentine’s Day with Your Beloved

Romantic couple enjoying in moments of happiness. on 1st valentines dayLove, dating, romance. Valentine's day.Romantic couple enjoying in moments of happiness. Love, dating, romance.


For those in love or married relationships, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important dates on the calendar to strengthen the bond of trust and love. If you have recently found your soulmate, don’t miss any chance to make this day special.
No just sending a greeting for Valentine’s Day is not enough. Plan your program, as I am here to give you some options you may like to explore on 14 Feb.
Talk to Your Valentine
beautiful couple talking to each other for 1st valentine's day planning
You can’t plan a date alone on this day without discussing everything with your partner. It is important to know about his/her schedules, the comfort of going on Valentine’s Day date at this stage of your love story, etc. Sit together, plan everything and I am sure, you two will ultimately have the resolution to make the day memorable for years to come. Before both of you do anything, gift flowers to those who are special in your life so that you do not forget others when planning for your love life ahead. Ok, now that you are done, herein are some ideas that allow both of you to go a bit quirky, have fun, and enjoy the day. Even if you two are meeting for a date, do remember to gift flowers to your soul mate with a special message and reminder of the date. This means a lot and expresses your sincerest feelings.
Go to a Nearby Shopping Mall
Girls love shopping. If it is garments and accessories, women can spend the entire day trying them. Both of you can go shopping to get the necessary items together to get an idea of each other’s choices. This is a way to skip the tan in the afternoon and have some snacks with your favorite latte.
Go for Comedy Movie Date
You two are new in a relationship so going out elsewhere may be a bit uncomfortable for the other person. This strengthens the bond of friendship if not passionate love at the moment. If you both love watching romantic comedies, it is even better. When you bought something to your girlfriend or fiancée, pair the bunch with a couple of movie tickets to propose this plan. I am sure; she will be delighted to get this surprise.
Visit a Tourist Place
If you two are not movie fanatics, it may be fruitful to try out other options. You may visit an antique gallery if both of you are interested in history and similar things. While talking about matters of common interest, both of you will get closer. Worth to Read: Best places in Delhi for Valentine’s Day.
A Romantic Dinner under the Starry Night
Romantic Dinner under the Starry Night
If you are staying in India, this is springtime and there is pleasant weather all around. The chilling winter has bid adieu so that you lovebirds can have fun and night outs during the season of love. Choose a rooftop restaurant under the open sky to have dinner. If you forgot to give flowers online, ask the florist to send it directly to this venue. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the city with each bite of delectable cuisine served with great cordiality.
Have a Stroll Together
This is a plan after dinner only if you two are meeting in the evening. If you had a tiring day out, it is probably time to say ‘goodbye’ to each other. But having a walk under the sky in a calm mood will make way for a casual conversation you cannot have at public places. Communication is the ideal way to discuss your future plans as you decide to move together ahead in life.
An Elegant Surprise when Parting with Your Ladylove        
It may seem mournful for your sweetheart to part away once she reaches home. At this point, you can cheer up the person with a chocolate bouquet & cake delivery in Bangalore. She can enjoy those Ferrero rochers for a month and remember the moments she spent with you on this day.
Now that you have a plan for the entire day, is there anything else required? However, since this is a young relationship, so do not try to overindulge until you get a hint from the other person. A bit of maturity and a thoughtful gift is all you need to make your Valentine’s Day special.


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