1700 Years Old Buddha Statue was Torn Down by Islamic Fundamentalists inn Pakistan

An ancient statue of Lord Buddha was found during excavations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This was broken with a hammer. It is said that this statue is three centuries old. Four people have also been claimed to be arrested in connection with the incident. The government did not issue any statement in this regard.

Local Islamic Religious leader provoked

During media reports, excavations were being carried out in Takht-e-Bahi area a few days before the house was built. Meanwhile, the contractor and his three labourers saw a reclining Buddha statue. When this information gradually spread, a local Islamic religious leader went to explore the site. This Islamic leader discerned that the statue must be broken; however, the local police has denied having any such clarity. Video also surfaced

A video of this incident has also surfaced. In the video a worker is being asked ing by someone to break the idol.  This man who commanded is also seen removing the clay on the statue by hand. Police has arrested four people after preliminary investigation. Police say that information was to be given to the Archeology Department first. Upon not taking the protocol, their arrest has been done. The video is in the local language of that area so it is difficult to apprehend what exactly is discussed in it.

1700 year old idol

The police has taken the entire area now under their supervision.  According to the information, this statue is about 1700 years old. It was in very good condition before it was broken down by the locals.

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