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During the international conference, it was  said “Reduction in violence in J&K after removing 370 .”

Nearly a year has passed since the Government of India repealed Section 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Meanwhile, an international panel group has admitted that there has been a significant reduction in violence in the Valley after repealing Section 370.

In a webinar, Kashmiri activist Javid Tralee said, “When we compare it with previous years, we find that the violence here has reduced considerably. ”

Tralee said in a webinar organized by Democracy News Live during a conversation with a panel of international experts on Asian security “; We expect some positive movement for the situation here. The Indian government should now be in the Valley as soon as possible The process should begin.

Dr. Sutoru Nagao, a fellow at Hudson Institute in this panel said that restoring peace in Kashmir (like India’s North East) is an important issue because its infrastructure can be improved if a country like Japan helps. He further explains that after the repeal of Section 370 by the Government of India, this International conference is organized to clarify the situation arising in Jammu and Kashmir in the last one year. It was attended by UK Freeman (PhD candidate at Oxford), Storu Nagao (Fellow, Hudson Institute), BurjaneWaghmar (Member, SOAS South Asia Institute) and Javed Tralee (Kashmiri activist).

The panel considered the prevailing domestic and international trends. Kashmir was one of the major issues discussed during this period. The panel agreed that India needed to be encouraged to change the socio-political situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Significantly, on 5 August last year, the NDA government led by Narendra Modi repealed Sections 370 and 35A, which gave special status to the state.

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