CBSE Board Replaces the Word ‘Fail’ With ‘Essential-Repeat’

This time the CBSE board has made a big change in the result. Actually, the board has replaced the word fail with “essential repeat”. Now the word fail will not be used in any documents issued by the board.

For this, in February, the board had asked the principals of all CBSE schools to suggest another word instead of fail. Seeking suggestions, the board had said that the word should be so that the children do not have negativity. After reading this, you know about the failure, but also the enthusiasm to succeed in the future. In such a situation, now, the board has replaced the word with “essential repeat”.

Soon will be optional exam

At the same time, students unhappy with their results can appear in the optional examination. The board has issued information about this. The board said that the examinations to be held between July 1 and 15 will be conducted as soon as possible after assessing the situation. At the same time, the board will soon conduct compartment exam for the students whose have compartment in the examination. The date for both exams will be released after consultation with the government.

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