Use of Artificial Intelligence in Corona Testing : Detection of Corona in 30 Seconds

Best use of Technology in the current scenario can be observed through Artificial intelligence in corona testing by Israel and India cooperation. Through this result, corona can be detected in mere 30 seconds!

With the year 2020 adjudged as Pandemic year with the Stay at Home culture, this news is indeed enthralling. The new corona testing technology is going to be developed in Israel, bringing in hope and lots of happiness.

In a tweet issued by the Israeli embassy, ​​in the coming weeks, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health will conduct unprecedented anti-Corona cooperation operations with India . The high-end research and development team of the Israeli Ministry of Defense will arrive in New Delhi on a special flight from Tel Aviv.

DRDO India is already working on this scheme:

DRDO is already working on a 30-second rapid test testing kit from India, in which an Israeli expert team is collaborating. This expert team is now coming to India.

Israel will also provide equipment to India.

The aircraft coming from Israel will also carry corona fighting equipment provided by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the private sector. Mechanical ventilator will also be brought.

Testing will also be done through breathing and voice:

If this technology gains success in India, it will be a miracle of medical science, although this is juxtaposed! Out of the many kits that have been devised so far, this kit has the minimum time of giving out results. So far no country has developed anything that can revert in seconds.

The basis of identification of Corona is the difference in voice. Similarly, another technique is to detect the corona virus by examining the breath through the terather wavew. This machine works like a normal Breath analyser. There is likewise an isothermal test technique, which gives accurate information of the corona like RT-PCR, but it is very easy to use and does not require a technician. It can be easily used in hospitals and dispensaries to check for corona.

India-Israel partnership against Covid-19

Strategic relations between India and Israel have been strengthened over the years through continuous efforts of the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.  These efforts were equally accepted by the Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Prime Ministers of India and Israel made historic visits that are known to all. Since the outbreak of the corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have spoken to each other via telecommunication thrice. Hope the collaboration becomes the harbinger of some positive news!

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