Google Warned Website Owners over Link Schemes


Webmaster Desk, Delhi -Magazine: Google always try to offer best required results to users. But many web companies use to take the help of link schemes and other methods to manipulate the search resutls and get the top positions in SERP. In the latest posts of Google Search Central Blog a reminder is sent to website owner about monetize their websites with open eyes and discussed about how to deal with paid and sponserd nature guest post and links.

Image credit : Google Search Central

It is suggested to use sponsored tag for  affiliate programs to qualify these links with rel=”sponsored”, regardless of whether these links were created manually or dynamically.

It is also added. “As a part of our ongoing effort to improve ranking for product-related searches and better reward high-quality content, when we find sites failing to qualify affiliate links appropriately, we may issue manual actions to prevent these links from affecting Search, and our systems might also take algorithmic actions. Both manual and algorithmic actions may affect how we see a site in Search, so it’s good to avoid things that may cause actions, where possible.”

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