Heavy Loss by Flood in Assam and Bihar

Assam, which is scented by the aroma of tea gardens, is also drowning in water this year. But It is ironic that about 40 percent of the state of Assam is battered by rivers. It is estimated that there is a loss of 200 million rupees annually, which includes houses, roads, cattle, fields, bridges, schools, electricity, communication etc. It takes ten years to build such basic facilities in the state, while the average loss is so much every year.

At present, 30 of the 33 districts of Assam are badly hit by floods. 54 lakh people have left home and are in relief camps According to this, between May 22 and July 15, 4 thousand 766 villages here have been badly affected by the floods.

More than 1.28 lakh people are forced to leave their homes and stay in relief camps. However, more than 90 people have lost their lives.

This is not new to the state of Assam – it happens every year, but every year more than the money spent in the development of the state, the loss of the Brahmaputra in two months.

Assam has to deal with floods every year. According to the statistics, earlier it used to be that there was flood, at least once in 4-5 years. But, for the last few years, flooding has started coming every year.

Why does Assam get flooded every year?

To understand this, it is necessary to first understand the geography here.

The entire Assam is situated on the river valley

Assam is the only state in the country which is completely situated on the river valley. Its total area is 78 thousand 438 sq km. Of which 56 thousand 194 sq km is in the valley of Brahmaputra River. And the remaining 22 thousand 244 sq km is in the valley of Barak River.

Not only this, according to the National Flood Commission, a total of 31 thousand 500 sq km of Assam is flood affected. That is, about 40% of the area of ​​Assam is flooded. However, 10.2% of the countrywide flood is affected.

Badly affected 11 districts of Bihar

Due to floods, life has also been affected in 11 districts of Bihar. The water of Saran main dam has spread to new areas of Gopalganj, Saran and Siwan. Older Gandak water has entered the low-lying areas of the city due to leakage from Sluice Gate at Magardahighat in Samastipur. The teams of NDRF and SDRF have so far evacuated 1.36 lakh people from the flood-affected areas to safer places.

 NH 57 become shelter for flood victims in Bihar

Nearly 300 families of Karkarhati village in Muzaffarpur, Bihar are in the grip of flood. The elderly, youth, women and children have left their abandoned shelter and have taken shelter on the elevated site NH 57.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also expressed his deep condolences over the tragic consequences of the floods in several states of the country.


Accroding to Russian Embassy Tweet , “Condolences to President of India Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

“Russia shares the grief of those who lost their loved ones to the rampant elements, and hopes for a speedy recovery of all those injured.”


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