Honey Bee Venom Proved Effective Against Aggressive Breast Cancer

Australian scientists have shown that honeybee venom and its main component, melittin, are able to resist cancer cells in malignant breast tumors. This was reported in the scientific journal Nature. Experts have tested samples on cultures of tumor and healthy cells. To determine the mechanism of action of the venom, the cells of triple negative breast cancer were exposed to bee venom at a concentration that inhibits 50% of tumor cells for 18 and 24 hours. As a result, the poison promoted the cleavage of caspase 3 enzymes, which induced a cascade of programmed cell death (apoptosis). It also has effective selective activity against cancerous tissues, while exerting an almost imperceptible effect on normal cells.
Honey bee venom in breast cancer
Scientists at the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research in Australia have discovered that a substance in bee venom can be used as an extremely powerful tool against breast cancer. the authors of the discovery are a team of researchers led by Siara Duffy, who has been studying the therapeutic potential of bee venom for the past several years.

The team found that a certain concentration of bee venom could be used to kill 100 percent of cancer cells, leaving healthy cells harmless. According to Duffin, the substance melittin in bee venom completely destroys the membranes of cancer cells in 60 minutes.

Within 20 minutes, the researchers found that the substance blocked some of the major signaling pathways used by cancer cells to grow and multiply. Melittin’s ability to bind to key chemical messages by inhibiting the activity of these receptors formed the basis of the study.

Bee venom and the melittin contained in it can disrupt the signaling pathway that is associated with tyrosine kinase receptors that affect the development of the malignant process. Scientists believe that thanks to the study, it will be possible to create new treatments for breast cancer and other cancers.

The authors note that research is just beginning, but that the prospects for using bee venom to treat breast cancer are promising.

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