MSM Charitable Trust Started to Free Tiffin Services for Poor Covid Patients

News Desk, Delhi – Magazine: The whole world is troubled by the Corona virus at this time. Along with the governments, the people are also supporting to victims in their own way. Now many organizations and celebs have come forward to help.  MSM Charitable Trust also one of them, who have done true service to the country in the time of this calamity for betterment of the society.

Ma shaktiIn response to Covid, MSM Charitable Trust has started free tiffin service to help such victims who are corona suffering patients who have no one to help in their house or are all covid positive and home quarantined in the house. So far more than 800 people have got the benefit of this free tiffin service. Along with this, MSM Charitable Trust also started other services for the betterment of such people such as free oxygen cylinders for those people whose financial system was not good.

Along with this, taking advantage of other facilities like telephonic and WhatsApp, started a service so that people could reach their beds, injection requirements so that we could help in providing medicines and beds to those victims. MSM Charitable Trust helped people of the age of 45+ to get vaccinated in the villages in Gujrat.

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