Phil Spector: Imprisoned US Music Producer Died at the Age of 81

The imprisoned former US music producer Phil Spector is dead. He died on Saturday at the age of 81, as the prison authorities in the state of California announced on Sunday. Spector died “naturally”. However, the exact cause of death has yet to be investigated.

PhilSpectorSpector was sentenced to 19 years in prison in 2009 for the murder of former actress Lana Clarkson. He was found guilty of shooting the 40-year-old at his Los Angeles mansion in February 2003 after she rejected him. The two had only met a few hours earlier in a nightclub.

Spector was considered one of the most influential producers in the field of rock and pop music. He is the inventor of the legendary “Wall of Sound” recording technology. In the early 1970s he produced the last Beatles LP “Let it be” and the first solo albums by ex-Beatles John Lennon (“Imagine”) and George Harrison (“All Things Must Pass”). He also worked with other music greats such as Tina Turner and The Ramones.

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