Reliance Industries Becomes Second Largest Brand after Apple

From oil to telecom, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries has become the second largest brand in the world. Apple remains number one as informed by the Futurebrand Index 2020. The Future brand has released the 2020 list. It showed that Reliance Industries has acquired all the features for this year’s number two.

The brand continues to connect with good service

Future Brand said that Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), one of the most profitable companies in India, is being viewed with great respect and ethics. The brand continues to engage with enhanced growth, new products and good customer service. People in particular have a strong emotional connection with this organization. Futurebrand said that RIL has been successful in the firm’s recasting by Mukesh Ambani as a one-stop-shop for Indians. It is the number one contender in the time to come with the investment of Facebook and Google.

RIL is now a big company in digital sector

RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani has completely transformed the existing Petrochemicals business into a digital giant. It is capable of meeting the needs of every customer today. Today, the company is involved in several sectors including Energy, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Natural Resources, Retail and Telecommunication. Future brand also said that now that Google and Facebook have invested in RIL, we can look at Reliance for the top position in the next index.

The world is seeing a lot of change

Future Brand said that six years after the first FutureBrand Index, the world has seen a lot of change. Now the needs have also changed and the top 100 companies of the world are also working with challenges. Apple tops the 2020 list while Samsung is in third place. It is followed by Nvidia, Moutai, Nike, Microsoft, ASML, Pay-Pal and Netflix. Future Brand said that Reliance ranked 91 on PwC’s 2020 list.

15 new companies have joined the Futurebrand list this year

New companies on this list include ASML Holdings, Pay-Pal, Danaher, Saudi Aramco and American Tower Corporation. In total, 15 new companies have arrived this year. Seven of them are in the top 20. Reliance Industries is at number two. The Future Brand Index shows how the next few years will perform. He said that the world is going through the worst health crisis of the century.

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