Russian doctors begin to fight with COVID-19 in Kazakhstan

The pandemic has been a worldwide affair. To fight the same, doctors and leaders from all over the world are aiding each other. One example of this was recently seen when  a group of Russian doctors arrived in Kazakhstan to help fight corona virus . This was announced by the telegram channel “First of all” on Monday, July 6.

It is reported that a group of Russian doctors landed in Nur Sultan. In the near future, the team will begin to help treat patients with coronavirus. The group included 32 people from the field of epidemiology, virology and other specialized areas of medicine.

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin confirmed his willingness to provide humanitarian aid to friend countries and send medical specialists to the country.

Recall that in Kazakhstan, on July 5, a strict quarantine was introduced in connection with an outbreak of coronavirus cases. As of July 6, 48 574 cases of infection with the infection were recorded in the country, of which 25 thousand people were cured. More than 200 people are reported to have died due to the deadly virus.

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