Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee is Dead

72-year-old Lee Kun, chairman of Samsung, one of the world’s largest technology groups died on Sunday, October 25, at the age of 78. Samsung is by far the largest South Korean conglomerates ( “chaebols” ) that dominate the 12 th  global economy. The company’s overall turnover is equivalent to one-fifth of the country’s gross domestic product, making it crucial to the economic health of South Korea.

 the South Korean group said in a statement. Mr Lee, who turned the group into a global telecommunications giant, had been bedridden since a heart attack in 2014 . “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Lee Kun-hee, president of Samsung Electronics ,” the group said. President Lee passed away on October 25 with his family, including Vice President Jay Y. Lee, by his side. “

Kun was handing over significant rights to son JY now at the age of 46 due to his poor health. In 2012, JY was made Vice President from COO.

Lee Kun-hee was sentenced to five years in prison in 2017 after being convicted of bribery and other offenses related to former President Park Geun-hye, then was cleared of the most serious charges on appeal and released. one year later. This case is still ongoing.

Previously, he had also been convicted of corruption in 1996, then corruption and tax evasion in 2008. But he had escaped jail, having been sentenced to a suspended sentence.

Lee Kun Hee: Chairman and CEO of Samsung.
Born: 9 January 1942.
Education: Graduate in Economics, MBA.
Family: Wife Raw Hee Hong.
Elder daughter: Lee Bon Jin (President, CEO of hotel chain Shilla and theme park Samsung Everland).
Younger daughter: Lee Seo Hoon (Vice President Chile Industries).
Apple’s Steve Jobs was a celebrity, but little is known to his biggest rival, Samsung Chairman and CEO Lee Kun. They always remained low-profile.
Lee Kun, who took command of Samsung in 1987, wanted to make the company a world player like GE, P&G and IBM. For this, he gave his top leadership deadline till 2000. He went on a world tour in 1993 to check the company’s performance.

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