Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide or A Cold Blooded Murder by the Evils of the Film Industry

Speculations about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death are rife. Not just one person but the entire Bollywood is held responsible for urging the actor to take this kind of an intense step. However,  until anything is proved and declared officially, no person or institution should be maligned.

Film Industry is one such sector of the country that requires only one qualification and that is good acting or other talents that can entertain people. Much unlike other sectors where there is a minimum qualification needed, this sector would embrace you if you have the elements to amuse and entertain the audience. But the question arises that is the industry still worth it? After the uncertain demise of one of the most intelligent actors of the Bollywood, a question mark is all that is left.

Much unlike other fields such as Engineering, Doctorate, Mine Worker where some amount of stability  comes after achieving a certain position, in an actor’s life it comes only after death.  A perpetual need for stardom, popularity and lifestyle keeps them going and wanting for more. And that’s not all, to get work one has to continue auditioning, giving acting tests even establishing themselves as ace actors. The journey may seem sparkling from outside, but reality is that to get to the glittering zone one has to toil really hard.

With every act pros and cons are associated and the film industry isn’t different.  Your being famous is one of the disadvantages as people are keen to know about not just your daily routine, but also your income. In fact, most of the things you like or do, becomes public and you are asked to justify anything and everything you do. So losing your privacy is one of the biggest disadvantage. Not just that,  a famous actors vehicles are counted and their worth becomes one’s topic to blog about. Their houses, the house staff , parties, expenditure all become a part of the public eye.

The worst is that even your downfalls as an actor cannot be overlooked. Media makes the downfalls as though the life has ended.  The actors are made to appear like culprits by the media. Is that apt? Think over it! Aren’t they suppose to relax and take one day at a time? Don’t they get old? Age and some other factors inevitable and will come to an actor too, but in an actor’s case  it is questioned. And on top of that, if a film does not do well, they are ruined and the media makes it look like it’s their fault and blows it out of proportion. A finished career in the glamour world, be it Television or Films leads to many issues. From being an acclaimed actor to living a normal life, it is difficult to come to terms with life.

In this industry, rags to riches and vice versa is the most common thing. No wonder it is synonym to ‘Friday to Friday’ industry where a star is born each Friday if  his film has attained success, and the next Friday a star may be drowned with an unsuccessful one. Most of the stars who are established still live a life full of uncertainties. This anxiousness becomes the reason for fatal acts like suicide. With nepotism being the other big cause of fatal acts, the industry will not be looked over like the same noble place to work. It is in such scenarios only that actors surrender to death.

Uncertainty of work, fear of whether you will get money even after getting work, fear of missing out once you have used the habit of living a comfortable life, one of these fears is enough to break any one, be it a famous actor or a common man.

With the biggest loss of the industry of losing an intelligent actor, an astronomer, a pilot, an animal lover and  above all a person who respected humans for who they were, the industry will never be the same again. Discrimination of talents will continue ruining stars like Sushant as what the movies project, they must imbibe too. A good over evil must also be practised and not just preached. It is time that the industry must  confesses to its evils. This confession will save may more Sushant Rajput’s  as their talent will be addressed and appreciated.

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