The second country refused to participate in the Russian exercises “Caucasus-2020”

Azerbaijan refused to directly participate in the Russian strategic command-staff exercise Caucasus-2020. Nevertheless, Baku plans to send its observers to the exercises. Thus, Azerbaijan became the second country to refuse to participate in the maneuvers.

On August 30, the Indian Ministry of Defense confirmed its refusal to participate in the Caucasus-2020. The reason for this step in the military department was called the coronavirus pandemic and the difficulties caused by its consequences, including the organization of logistics. New Delhi has already notified Moscow of the decision, noting that Russia and India remain close and privileged strategic partners.

military drillsThe Caucasus-2020 command-staff exercise will take place in September this year in southern Russia. Earlier it was planned to involve groups from six countries, including the SCO and CSTO member states , in the exercises.

It should be noted that both Russia and India were seriously preparing for these exercises. In addition to the two countries, Iran, Belarus and Myanmar are expected to participate in the Caucasus 2020 exercises . If we look at the list of countries preparing to participate in the exercises, we can see that they have serious problems with the international community. Iran, Russia and Belarus have serious conflicts with the West, India with Pakistan . As for Myanmar, after Trump came to power, this poor country in the Far East came under the influence of China . Russia, in particular, has “insulted” China, especially by inviting India to the exercises.

In fact, immediately after India’s decision to participate in the Caucasus 2020 exercises , serious problems began to appear on its borders with both China and Pakistan, and these factors probably played a role in its last-minute decision. India, which is on the brink of war with Pakistan, has been facing a major threat for four months in Ladakh province, which borders China . According to the report, in early May, a serious fight broke out between 250 servicemen of the two countries in Ladakh, injuring more than 100 soldiers. On the night of June 15-16, Chinese and Indian troops resumed their unfinished settlements in May. Many servicemen had been killing. According to Indian military sources, at least 20 soldiers were killed and 76 wounded in the clashes, in which no firearms were used and only sticks and stones were used. New Delhi has made no secret of the fact that about 45 Chinese soldiers have been killed and wounded in the clashes . Given that Pakistan, like Myanmar, is backed by China, there is another major reason for India’s refusal to participate in exercises involving these two hostile forces.

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