A Female Soccer Fan Flashes Her Boobs in the Stadium in Front of Crowd


Sports Desk, Delhi Magazine: A Mexican female soccer fan went viral this week after exposing her breasts in the stands to celebrate a goal scored by her favorite team. The video has reportedly garnered over 2.2 million views on social media, with soccer fans cheering on the young girl.

carla Garza with her aunt

The incident occurred on October 13, when the Tigress UANL soccer team faced CF Pachuca in a championship game in New Leon, Mexico, Jam Press reported. The home team Tigers got a penalty kick and scored in the last minute of the second half. They won the game and the crowd went uncontrollable at that point.

The girls name is Carla Garza. She has gone viral for lifting up her shirt and exposing her breasts in response to a Tigres UANL goal in Friday’s match against Pachuca. Former France international Andre-Pierre Gignac tucked home an 88th-minute penalty to win the game for his side.

In the footage, the female fan can be seen lifting her blue shirt and showing her boobs in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans. At one point one of the people standing in the crowd clung to her to take a selfie with her.

Needless to say, the video caused an uproar on social networks, with several surfers sharing their opinions with each other in the comments. Many praised the young woman, on the other hand, many criticized her for the fact that there are very young girls in the audience who can take an example from her actions. “She looks so happy, I don’t know what you want,” wrote one commentator.

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One thought on “A Female Soccer Fan Flashes Her Boobs in the Stadium in Front of Crowd

  1. Ok, as a father I can say for a fact that my two daughters would not take this as an example from another woman and would not be so inclined to follow suit with other folks behavior especially if it were exposing of themselves.
    This is because in my life’s awareness I’ve been prompted by intuitions to explain what i, as a man , as well as their uncles, our friends and cousins (all young men from South Tacoma) am thinking and have thought of in the stages of growing to be a man, from a boy in the hood. By giving honest illustrations of gender roles and concepts they have a well planted individualism that has normal healthy boundaries from ever being a follower in manners that may attract perverse attention.
    That being said, I wouldn’t put it past either one of them ,in crowd they are feeling cool and comfortable in, for an event that they have hometown pride involved in the reason they attend ,to be likely to root on the hometeams with a quick flash also. If they would allow others to take photos and hang out with tits all about and out, I’d be surprised to hear that and I’d be impressed of there self assured confidence with their own bodies. Not to be encouraging of the showmanship. But I do believe for a young woman to have a cool head on the moment and carry out this way takes a lot of self confidence and trust for the environment they are in.
    Overall I believe that it would be stupid of me to encourage this behavior in young girls but of course as a man that is struck and left with my tongue hanging out for the legal aged ladies to do such an act of community service, or show and tell, (must prompt an “lol”) I have to admit I love the action and undoubtedly many heterosexual men will also find the courageous, and stunningly attractive young woman to be quite the trophy for the teams win. Even if she will not be kept on a shelf. I’m 100% confident that once the winning team was made aware that someone was willing to offer her a thank you in some fashion or another for her tribute to their successful game.
    It’s a win for the world and parents that are concerned about how their daughters might interpret this behavior is going to have to dig deeper than this to find out that they are truly questioning their ability to be effective parents and openly proving that they have no self confidence in their ability to raise their daughters. Similarly they are suggesting openly to the world that have not a shred of confidence in their daughters and suggesting that the observation of this woman flashing the team might inadvertently turn their young ladies into sexually obsessed or crazed prostitutes with family issues they hope a team can help or hold them responsible. Something or another but they[⁰

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