GenieBhai – A Simple Way to Interact with Your Favorite Star on Your Special Day

Geniebhai founder - Krishana Parjapati

What is the idea behind  GenieBhai?

Genebhai new business startup -Have you imagined what it would look like to have interaction with your favorite celebrity? Like gFetting a chance to get your long desired question answered or getting your loved a memorable wish from them? Krishna Prajapati (Founder) and Dhruv Prajapati(Co-Founder), these two young entrepreneurs from Gujarat are redefining the boundaries of interaction. GenieBhai was created with the goal of providing a

reliable conduit to connect fans with their favorite celebrities and to ensure real, personalized and unforgettable experiences, making it the first celebrity engagement platform. These guys are changing the way celebrity/influencers used to engage with fans.

“The idea came during my final year of college. I tried to approach an influencer, and it was a big challenge to do so unless it was a business enquiry. Most of the messages and comments were lost between the crowd of many and it all made sense as there’s just one person on the other side to actively respond to all, furthermore the things like video requests for something was nearly impractical. To solve this problem GenieBhai was launched the next year”, says Krishna Based in Gujarat, the main goal of GenieBhai is to get fans closer to celebrities in the most efficient and economical way. The platform mainly offers two services for this purpose. First of all, a personalized video shout, where the fan will shoot and send a short personal video for events such as birthday ,anniversary or any other special day. The best things to observe is the excitement. Second one is where fans can list a few short questions specifically for a celebrity who’s going to submit a video reply.

Questions are reviewed by the Geniebhai Team, and only necessary and relevant questions are submitted to the Celebrity and Influencers. The website has 500+ celebrities and growing on daily basis. The Price may vary from each influencer, best part is that the price starts with Rs. 99.

Currently a fan can access Geniebhai website or download it as an instant app. It’s completely free to explore and one has to only pay for the celebrities they want to get a request from. Fans can select their favorite profile of celebrities, and book a request with a few simple personal information. The Celebrity has the option of accepting or withdrawing a booking order. Although we aim to comply with approved requests within 10 days, our actual delivery time is two days on average.


When was Geniebhai Launched?

After a year of market research we launched in January of 2019.

Where are you based out of, and how many core members do you have in your team?

We are based in Gujarat and our founding team has two people Krishna Prajapati and Dhruv Prajapati.

Are you funded or bootstrapped?

Geniebhai is bootstrapped.

What does your revenue model look like?

We charge a fixed fee for every video request or booking that happens on our platform.

Who are some of the celebrities you would like fans to engage with? And what genre or field you are targeting to add in future?

  1. We will be getting into various categories such as instagram influencers, youtubers,
  2. TV shows cast, people in sports, people in various professions such as Musicians,
  3. Artist, Chef, Comedians, Dancers etc.

genebhai 2

What if a celebrity fails to deliver the video request for some reason?

If you have booked a video request on Geniebhai from a celebrity and he/she fails to deliver within a certain range as mentioned by us person would be refunded back money.

What if a celebrity/influencer wants to join your platform?

Celebrities can contact us directly via our email mentioned on the website or use contact us page to reach out to us. If celebrity qualities and come on terms they would be joining our platform and would be able to take video request from the people.

How does the Geniebhai works? What will first time users expect?

Geniebhai has a list of various celebrities under their respective categories to choose from a video shoutout. Once they select the celebrity/influencer they want to get shoutout from they would need to tell a small description about who it is for, what occasion and how they expect their shoutout. Once they fill out a description they can pay and confirm booking. Once booking is done, Geniebhai would take the video request from customer for the celebrity, verify and then share the same with the user within 10 days on your mail that is provided while filling up the form .

Is there a guarantee for celebrities to complete the Video Request?

Sadly, we can not guarantee the completion of a video request because it depends on the fame. It’s up to the celebrity to approve your request and make a video. However, if your request is not met or expires, we will refund you the entire amount in the same mode of payment that you used to make the request.

Do user need to pay to access the website and instant app?

Geniebhai website and instant app is completely free to explore and user just need to pay for the celebrity from whom they want to get the video request form. Instantapp can directly be downloaded by visiting the website and adding that as an app or using the option appearing to add to homescreen.

What are the future prospects of Geniebhai? What some of the features you want to introduce on the platform in future?

One of the most important features that would be releasing soon and available on the platform would be 1:1 video call sessions. With the help of this feature you can have a one on one live conversation with a celebrity of your choice. This would literally push the boundaries of people we have conversation with. People can now have conversation with the people they follow on social media. It just unlocks the new potential of happiness they can spread among their family members and loved ones, for the people in the same field can get the right direction which could drastically improve the growth and the progress. On the other side celebrities can get a chance to have a one on one conversation with people, get key insights from their point of view, get a chance to spread happiness and make a deep connection which else is very challenging to do on social platforms

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