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MSM Charitable

MSMCT (Maa Shakti Mahila Charitable Trust) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works in India to protect women vulnerable to harassment and physical abuse and supporting children of poor background gaining a proper education, to help disadvantaged elders to live a healthy and active life. It was established in 2015. The work of MSMCT has been recognized nationally as being the forefront of the fight against physical abuse and rural development. MSMCT is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.

shaktiben giving food to poor children

We envision a world where every woman is empower enough to create a change in society towards a better future.”

Shaktiben Rajput is founder of this Trust, she always has that helping nature in her to help and support people to solve their problem since childhood. Shaktiben is Astrologer and Interior designer by profession. Since she’s astrologer she always noticed people came with their problem about domestic violence and other problems they are facing in society. So she wanted a platform where every women can discuss and tell their problems without hesitation so that they are provided right path, so Shaktiben started a trust to help vulnerable parts of our society who are facing problems in day to day life and started the mission to empower every women and girls so that they can be live independently.

MSMCT India helps to alleviate poverty and social problems faced by them in day to day life by facilitating empowerment to women and girls. Women and girls from the most vulnerable communities are empowered and can live with dignity. MSMCT India aims to accomplish this goal to help them meet their health, education and livelihoods status in the society.

shaktiben helping poors

MSMCT’s work around reducing poverty and social injustice by leaving no one behind is aligned with the core objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). MSMCT India’s initiatives are aligned with 11 of the 17 SDGs, including education, health, gender equality, elimination of hunger, proper sanitation, proper employment clean renewable energy , employment, upliftment of communities, clean green environment and making peace and justice.

To have the option to achieve the ideal change in the networks we serve, MSMCT India has built up an open and straightforward hierarchical culture, based on guiding principle of regard, trustworthiness, responsibility and greatness. Critical speculations have been made in tapping and overseeing ability, which guarantee proficiency furthermore, responsibility in the work we do.

During this corona pandemic, when our people needs us the most we came forefront and started initiative “Annapurna Mission” a relief and rehabilitation program for needy people, disabled people, migrant people,  widows & even for middle class people too. Distributing more than 6000 Dry Ratio kits containing rice, dal, jaggery, and packet of poha, soap, cooking oil, gram flour, flour, potato in a kit and distributed nutritious food like ‘kadi khichdi’ and Dal Rice throughout the lockdown every day feeding over 500 people daily.

msmct ngo

Our methodologies and techniques for arriving at the most weak networks, household, women and girls have been powerful to various degrees. The size of effect from our work is as of now tending to requirements of our networks, propelling public needs, and improving our responsibility towards Sustainable Development Goals. With our contextualized approaches, we are successfully exhibiting our capacity to deal with scale to reinforce frameworks, partners and leaders towards supporting women and girls in our country.

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