Meet Two Cyber Security Whiz Kids – Mukundsinh Solanki and Yushnak Tyagi

Mukundsinh Solanki

Delhi -Magazine, March 03, With the rapid era of digitalization, young minds are coming up with new ideas. Such people act as motivation for others. Two youngsters Yushank Tyagi and Mukundsinh Solanki collaborated and workes together to provide cybersecurity. As offering protection for web applications are nowadays a must for many businesses, they came up with a useful web application penetration testing startup named

Yushank  Tyagi is an enthusiastic person who always is keen on learning new things and applying them to new technologies for the betterment. So these days Yushank Tyagi has become a pioneer to offer advanced protection to a cyber breach. His expertise made him thinking of coming up with a startup on Web Application Penetration Test.

Their website helps businesses protect consumer information with the aid of Web Application Penetration Test. Nowadays data breaching is a huge headache for companies and these two youngsters lend hands to keep this data safe from any form of breaching.

mukundsinh solanki

Another youngster named Mukundsinh Solanki is a security expert for the web application. He did not afraid to dream big and now they work as partners in He has done a commendable job for this startup. He put all his effort to develop this startup towards the ladder of success. This web application security made him the co-founder of this innovative startup at the age of just 26.

This startup company is named which initiated its journey in 2020. They started delivering penetration testing services of web application to different businesses for protecting their user database. The objective behind starting this is to eliminate breaching of data from web application and misusing it. This startup helps businesses with different types of cybersecurity services.

Over 200000 cyber Attacks were done in 2019 and it went on its peak in 2020. Thus we can never think of ignoring Cyber Security. Attackers are always finding ways to attack with their latest tricks so it is becoming harder for security experts to adapt this new ways for preventing these cyber attacks.

One such incident was the breaching of 50000 Health Workers in India. The Data of Doctors, Nurses and were breached by a black hat Hacker in Bangalore. That is really a Huge number. From this incident we can say that India is lagging behind from providing Cyber Security to its data. This we can feel the presence of Cyber Security in growing Technologies.

Not only these, but also they keep themselves updated about the latest developments in web application vulnerabilities. They are on the first row in providing quality cybersecurity service and have become prominent in the industry. OSCP certified security professionals can offer you the best solutions available. Cyber Security services measure different parameters like configuration security testing, secure transmission testing, session management testing, and many others. So, one can ensure to get a bunch of Cyber Securitiy tests.

These two whiz stars just make it possible to dream big and now their willingness makes them touch the stone of success while serving business leaders in the best possible manner.

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