China’s Growing Threat: Land Purchases Near US Military Bases Raise Espionage Concerns

china spy on us

International Desk, Delhi Magazine: China remains the most significant source of tension for the United States today, with new reports indicating that Chinese entities have been purchasing land near US military bases, potentially for espionage purposes. This alarming development has been identified at 19 strategically important bases across America, from Florida to Hawaii.

According to a recent report, the proximity of these land purchases to critical military installations is highly concerning. “These places can be used to collect intelligence. Additionally, the owners of these lands can be influential in local politics, as we have seen before,” the report states. The lack of legal frameworks to prevent foreign entities from acquiring property near sensitive locations exacerbates the issue.

Sources indicate that Chinese landowners, under the guise of farming, could install tracking technology and employ radar and infrared scanning to monitor military activities. They may also attempt to fly drones over these bases to gather intelligence. A Wall Street Journal report from September 2023 revealed that Chinese intruders have breached military bases over 100 times in recent years.

The FBI has labeled this situation a “serious threat.” In April, FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted that Chinese hackers have infiltrated the US’s critical infrastructure, lying in wait for an opportune moment to strike. The Department of Homeland Security has also issued warnings about the danger of Chinese spies potentially crossing the US southern border.

Morgan Leret, a former contractor for the private military firm Blackwater, emphasized the gravity of the situation: “The Chinese will use this land to learn about US military capabilities, movement, and technology.”

As the tension between the US and China escalates, the strategic implications of these land purchases call for immediate attention and action to safeguard national security.

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