Shocking Incident in Noida: Muslim Juice Vendor Caught Mixing Saliva in Drinks

Sugarcane juice vendor in noida

Crime Desk Noida, Delhi Magazine: A disturbing incident has emerged from Noida, where a Muslim sugarcane juice vendor was caught mixing saliva in the juice he was serving. The incident occurred outside Cleo County Society, located in Sector-121 of the Phase-3 police station area.

The Incident

Kshitij Bhatia, a resident of Cleo County Society, reported the incident to the police. Bhatia and his wife visited a Muslim sugarcane juice seller outside their society on Saturday evening. When Bhatia ordered two glasses of sugarcane juice, he noticed the vendor mixing saliva into the juice. Upon confronting the vendor, the accused responded indecently.

Police Action

Following Bhatia’s complaint, the police swiftly registered a case and arrested two individuals, Shaheb Alam and Jamshed Khan. Both accused hail from Bahraich and had been operating a sugarcane juice cart in Noida.

This shocking incident has raised concerns about public health and hygiene practices among street food vendors in the area. The authorities have assured strict action and urged residents to remain vigilant.

In a significant crackdown, Sector-58 Noida Police Station has arrested three interstate ganja smugglers. The operation led to the seizure of a massive 800 kilograms of illegal ganja and approximately 2000 liters of pesticide, valued at around ₹4,00,00,000 (four crore rupees). Authorities also recovered a container and a car used in the smuggling activities.

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