Consultation & Medicines- Hassle-Free Way Of Meeting Your Healthcare Needs

In the fast-moving world, are you losing up a portion of your lifeline by not paying attention to in accessing the healthcare facilities and fulfilling medical needs then this growing world only has brought the solutions in the form of the healthcare e-commerce companies. The genuine and authentic healthcare facilities are available now at a cost that would have never been seen your health? Well, your work pressure or anything could be a reason but if the reason is multiple hindrances and at an ease never been experienced.

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Can’t believe that healthcare costs can really go down when health problems are rising? Well, then how about testing Medibuddy’s 70% cut-off on various tests and 15% off on medicine delivery?

Ways To Easily Fulfill Your Medical Needs

You can’t really count up what could come up as an obstacle when it’s about your health but not now when diseases and health problems are rising rapidly the tackling methods are also ready to counter them. Let’s see how:-

1. Book Doctor Appointment

Are you stuck at – first going to the hospital or doctor’s clinics to book your slot and then getting consultations or medication on the next visit or are you the one who lineup in those long queues for whatever or however the problem is- whether big or some small tidbits? Well, that sounds too hectic but not if we have a channel through which we can book our slot in advance with the concerned doctor so that we can save that precious time and can be at comfort. And for good, these facilities exist at the core of every online healthcare company that exists in the market. Some like Netmeds gives a discount on doctor’s appointment too which obviously is an extra advantage and can save you some pennies to buy those apples that keep the doctor away.

Also, the extent of convenience is so that the apps have various categories as per doctor’s specialization and the area you live in. So, after this, all you have to do is taking the appointment and visiting whenever it is scheduled.

2. Online Consultation

Sometimes we don’t really need serious medications or hospitalization but just consultation. Like “tell us what to do and we will follow the instructions”, right? And nowadays visiting your doctor somehow isn’t safe when COVID 19 is lurking around especially in the hospitals. Before this, you would have to visit doctors at any cost even if it’s just routine consultation but now you can take the consultation from a specified and authentic doctor at your home only through live video chat. So, be safe at home, consult a doctor from your home, and the doctor too can prescribe you telemedicine online.

Almost all online healthcare apps flash the doctor’s certificates too as proof of their authenticity so your worries may take a rest there also you have a chance to pay 25% less if you are getting consulted by a doctor through 1 MG. Isn’t that great?

3. Get Your Medicine Delivered To Your Doorsteps

From now on, as you are getting to know this, do not care about finding that exact medicine dose on the prescription as you can just post the medicament on the app and the medicines will get delivered to you at your doorstep. Also, the time won’t be long as the healthcare apps are quick, due to partnership with local vendors- it is as quick as 2 hours.

Now don’t think of how you will pay that extra charge of delivery as companies offer great discounts on online orders like this 30% discount from Netmeds. So, get your meds and save!

4. Book Lab Tests And Health Checks

Have you ever imagined booking Lab Tests and Health Checks being as easy as movie ticket booking? If yes, then cheers, it’s a reality now. If you need any check-up and health test then forget taking tokens and standing and waiting in-line, just book your slot on the date you are free and then reach up to the labs at your comfort. This would be so sufficing for the patient who has to do routine checkups now and then. Even some apps like Pharmeasy caters home sample collection which could be so easy for the patients who have difficulties in traveling and yes that’s so affordable at Rs. 399 only at MFine.


Whether it’s the problem of long queues at medicals and hospitals, or the high rated bills or even the inconvenience to visit doctor, everything has a way out now and who can forget the offers that these online companies cater to unburden the health expenses that hold us from investing anywhere else. So, from now on, keep yourself healthy, take the consultation and medication as and when needed which is available at just your fingertips with the ways to keep you in your budget!

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