18th August, Mumbai Desk: Mrs India – She is India, the country’s most credible beauty pageant for married women in India is going to be held between August 17th to 22nd, 2021 at Hotel Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon. A total of 24 contestants from across the country will be competing against each other and will be present […]

Entertainment -Desk, Delhi- Magazine: When talking about beautiful actresses, most people immediately think of the big international stars from Hollywood. But the Italian film landscape also has a lot to offer. We present you the most beautiful actresses from Italy: 1. MONICA BELLUCCI Divine, fragile and beautiful: Monica Bellucci is […]

There are four stages of sexual arousal in women: mange, bump, orgasm and relaxation. There is one important, previous one that biology misses – the desire, but now the focus is on biology. 1. Stage of Mange/Desire At this stage, the blood vessels in the genitals dilate, which increases blood […]

Our face takes most of our attention, but imagine, an absolutely beautiful facial skin and uncared neck skin! would that be appealing? Certainly not! It is always good to take equal care of every part of your body, including Neck. Have you ever heard of a cream or a lotion […]