There are four stages of sexual arousal in women: mange, bump, orgasm and relaxation. There is one important, previous one that biology misses – the desire, but now the focus is on biology. 1. Stage of Mange/Desire At this stage, the blood vessels in the genitals dilate, which increases blood […]

Our face takes most of our attention, but imagine, an absolutely beautiful facial skin and uncared neck skin! would that be appealing? Certainly not! It is always good to take equal care of every part of your body, including Neck. Have you ever heard of a cream or a lotion […]

Why do Armpits Get Dark? Discoloration in Armpits happen  due to several reasons; this could be due to obesity, medical issues such as diabetes or even some hormonal changes. If this is the cause of your dark armpits, consult a doctor and consult him / her before trying any random […]

According to various sources, cellulite in one form or another is observed in more than 85 percent of women aged 21 and older. “Dimples” on the skin are formed when the adipose tissue collides with the connective tissue, so the thighs suffer more from this “ailment”, since the adipose tissue is […]

Bad Breath or Mouth Odour Problem Just like fragrance is liked by all, bad odour is a complete turn off. Your smell reflects your persona, and to let you know that a child who is just born recognizes the mother through her smell. The intensity and efficacy of smell is […]