Spanish royal house makes statement on Infanta Sofía’s future

infanta sofia

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi Magazine: The Spanish royal house issued a statement this Monday, February 6, revealing that Infanta Sofía, youngest daughter of the kings of Spain, will attend the same school as her sister, Princess Leonor: the prestigious UWC Atlantic College, in the country of Wales, United Kingdom.

“The academic program takes place over two academic years (2023-24 and 2024-25) and includes both science and literature subjects”, it is also reported. 

The “interdisciplinary” school curriculum will also include access to activities such as theatre, music, arts, sports, environmental protection and community service. 

The cost of the school exchange will be around 82,000 euros, which will be paid in full by Felipe VI and Letizia.

Sofia is passionate about football, either as a supporter or as a practitioner of the sport. The youngest daughter of the kings of Spain, although focused on her studies, she already left her parents with the intention of fulfilling a dream and building a career on the pitch

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