Monica Lewinsky: Life After the Scandal – What Happened to the Woman Who Shocked America

Monica-Lewinsky bio, history and scandal

Who is Monica Lewinsky

Monica Samill Lewinsky is the daughter of wealthy parents. The girl was born on July 23, 1973 in the city of San Francisco, California. Monica’s father, Bernard Lewinsky, owned a medical center. He worked as an oncologist and was also seriously fond of professional photography. The girl’s mother, Marcia Vilenski, worked as a newspaper reporter. In 1988, this marriage broke up. After the divorce, Marcia will continue to work as a reporter, and a little later will write a book on opera, which will be published under the pseudonym Marcia Lewis.  The children were raised by nannies. The girl closed in on herself and became even shy, embarrassed by excess weight and constant unsuccessful attempts to get rid of it. Lewinsky graduated from high school in 1991 and decided to study psychology in college. Perhaps this choice is due to the girl’s desire to understand herself and get rid of teenage complexes. 

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 The children were raised by nannies. The girl closed in on herself and became even shy, embarrassed by excess weight and constant unsuccessful attempts to get rid of it. Lewinsky graduated from high school in 1991 and decided to study psychology in college. Perhaps this choice is due to the girl’s desire to understand herself and get rid of teenage complexes. The girl’s chosen one was Andy Bleuler, who taught acting at the school where Monica used to study. Neither the age difference, nor the man’s marital status (Bleuler was married) did not prevent the couple from communicating closely.

Lewinsky graduated from college in 1995 with a degree in psychology. Her father’s acquaintances helped the girl get the opportunity to practice not just anywhere, but in the White House directly under the then head of administration, Leon Panetta.

Monica Lewinsky’s height: 168 centimeters.

Marital Status of Monica Lewinsky: Unmarried.

The Monica Lewinsky became famous around the world in the late 90s when the scandal broke out in the illicit relationship with the then US president, Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky was 22 years old when she began her relationship with 49 years old Bill Clinton. It was in January 1998 when the first news of Bill Clinton’s illicit relationship with a young trainee began to appear. Clinton strictly refused until August of that year, when he was called to testify before a jury.

In Vanity Fair , she made it clear that she considered this story to be the consequence of an abuse of power on the part of the former American president: ” He was my boss. He was the most powerful man in the world. planet. He was 27 years older than me, with enough life experience to know better. He was, at the time, at the peak of his career, when I was starting my first job outside of college . “”

Despite the charges, Bill was not removed from office and was able to complete his presidency. His reputation has greatly recovered and he continues to be a popular politician. The same can’t be said for Monica Lewinsky, who is now 46 and has spoken out against the bullying and harassment she has suffered for years in the media.

This affair with many twists and turns had been the subject of much ink for many years. Today, the 22-year-old who has been ridiculed and humiliated around the world for two decades has become an icon against harassment and bullying, at the height of the #MeToo movement .

While former US President Bill Clinton Has released his first novel, his former intern and lover Monica Lewinsky is trying to trace his path and make people forget the scandal twenty years after the fact. Not without pain.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Bill clinton and monika scandalBefore the relationship with Monica Lewinsky was revealed, another scandal broke out concerning Bill Clinton, which was the reason for “many mouths to open”.

Paola Jones, a former Arkansas government employee, accused Bill Clinton of sexually abusing her. Lewinsky’s name came to light during the Jones case investigation, when Jones’s lawyers sought to show Clinton’s behaviour of engaging in sexual misconduct with other government officials.

The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal

The scandal began in early January 1998, when tapes of Lewinsky’s conversations with his girlfriend and White House colleague Linda Tripp reached the hands of an independent investigator. In the tapes – which were leaked by Trip herself – the 25-year-old Lewinsky admitted that she had developed a relationship with President Clinton.

On January 13, Lewinsky meets with  Linda Tripp, her trusted friend (as she believed ) and gives her more details about her fiery romance with Clinton. The FBI, however, which had been informed of the case, had wired Trip and recorded her entire conversation with the president’s mistress.

The fateful day for Clinton’s political future was not long in coming. On January 17, the Drudge Report publishes for the first time a report on the love scandal of the planetary ruler. On the same day, the US President denies any involvement with Lewinsky.

On January 21, the Drudge Report returns with new revelations. She reports that Monica Lewinsky has kept “a garment soiled by Clinton’s sperm” . The news is republished and reaches major news agencies, which begin their own investigation into the scandal. Five days later and while the news is making headlines around the world, Bill Clinton appears on television and denies – again – any relationship with the young woman.

His wife, Hillary Clinton, in her own interview, talks about intrigue in order to find out the morals of her husband.

Unfortunately for the Clintons, the revelations continue with Lewinsky’s ex-partner confirming the illegal relationship citing the young woman’s confessions.

On August 17, 1998, with no other choice, Bill Clinton addressed the American nation and acknowledged the illegal bond.
“Indeed, I had an inappropriate relationship with Miss Lewinsky. It was a mistake and a personal failure for which I am solely responsible “.

Life after the scandal

The case made Lewinsky famous, as it had become the focus of a political storm. For a long time, Monica was seen as an “ordinary woman” with an ambition for power in Washington, who used her charms and sexual debauchery to “achieve her goals.”

Republicans convicted her of adultery and Democrats have not forgiven her for endangering the Clinton presidency. At the same time, Bill Clinton has been described as a charismatic married man, too “innocent” to resist the tactics of seducing a “kinky bitch”.

The US House of Representatives then filed for the removal of Clinton from office on charges of perjury (“perjury under the supreme oath,” 228 votes against 206) and obstruction of justice (221 against 212) and impeached him by majority on December 19, 1998. Two other charges, however, were dismissed, namely another perjury in the Paula Jones case and abuse of power. Further, according to the US Constitution, from January 7 to February 12, 1999, the Clinton impeachment case was considered by the US Senate. The Chief Justice presided over the Senate, the case was given the character of a trial with the participation of the prosecutor and representatives of the accused, but witnesses and experts were not called. To remove the president required the votes of two-thirds of the senators, that is, 67 out of 100; but the charge of perjury was rejected by 55 votes to 45, and opinions were split in half on obstruction of justice (50 to 50). Thus, the impeachment was rejected, and Clinton remained in office until the expiration of the term for which he was elected, that is, until January 20, 2001. In 1998-1999, in connection with the scandal, Monica was perhaps the most famous woman in the world, the heroine of various kinds of journalistic and humorous works. On March 3, 1999, Monica Lewinsky publicly apologized for her role in the case: “I myself deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Really. Deep. I’m sorry. About. What happened . ” In 1999, Lewinsky published her autobiographical book “The Story of Monica” – the amount of seven million dollars appeared as a fee, it was said that she earned several million more in those years from interviews. By her own admission, during this case, Lewinsky overcame huge psychological problems associated with shame, the attention of the press and other media, doing knitting, which distracted her from everything.

In January 2001, Linda Tripp was fired from the Pentagon – on the last day of Bill Clinton’s presidency. She considered this decision unfair and politically motivated, although it was explained to her that this is standard practice when the presidential administration ends .


The sex scandal put an end to her career and personal life. Monica was harassed by journalists and paparazzi, harassed on the Internet, and she was drilled in the street with condemning looks. The woman took dozens (according to some sources, hundreds) of hours of psychotherapy sessions. At one time, the mother did not leave her a single step and was on duty near her bed at night, fearing that her daughter would commit suicide out of despair. At the same time, she faced a serious problem of being overweight, gaining almost a hundred kilograms – she stuck to stress with pastries and sweets.

monica-lewinsky-44In 2003, she briefly hosted a television program. She was also engaged in business – until 2004 she had her own company that produced bags. But the business went bankrupt. Then she decided to go to study in the UK .

In 2006, Monica Lewinsky graduated from the London School of Economics, received a master’s degree in social psychology. She hoped that this would be a pass for her to a new life. At one time she even wanted to stay in the UK, where people seemed to her much more benevolent, but then she decided to return back to the USA. She tried to get a job, went to numerous interviews, where at best she was tactfully told that because of her “history” she was not suitable. Sometimes she was invited to startups.

In mid-2013, an audio recording of Monica Lewinsky’s frank monologue, addressed to former US President Bill Clinton, fell into the hands of American journalists . The tape was obtained by the staff of the tabloid The National Enquirer. The audio tape is 3 minutes and 47 seconds long and is dated November 1997 and contains the voice of a former White House intern. “I can take off my clothes and start. I know you’ll like it. I hope we meet later and you follow my script and do what I want,” Lewinsky says. “Since I know that you will be free tomorrow night, I offer you two options, neither of which stipulates that we will not meet,” she continues.


Lewinsky does not call her high-ranking lover by name, but it is clear to whom she is addressing: the woman proposes that B. Clinton’s secretary, Betty Kurri, change his schedule so that the president can meet with the intern in the office in private. Lewinsky promises that then “there will be a cute little meeting for 15 minutes or half an hour.” “As you please,” she adds, reminding that the last 60-second date “wasn’t enough.” The intern also offers a second option for spending time: just go to the cinema together and have dinner. “You cannot refuse me, because I am sweet and wonderful and soon I will not be here,” says Lewinsky. As noted by journalists, the recording of Lewinsky’s monologue was obtained from a man who worked for people associated with Clinton’s former lover.

Since 2014, Monica Lewinsky has been an activist in the fight against cyberbullying (bullying on the Internet). In early June 2015, she was appointed strategic advisor to the Bystander Revolution, a fund to help victims of virtual bullying. In June 2015, Monica Lewinsky gave a speech at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in France . Lewinsky noted that there were moments when she thought that the only way to stop ridiculing her would be suicide. But she found the strength to live on. Monica Lewinsky urged not to participate in cyberbullying, to show compassion and empathy towards other people.

In a 2017 interview, she said: “Only now, at 44, am I beginning to realize how unequal the position was between the president and the White House intern. He was my boss, the most powerful man on the planet. I am beginning to take into account the notion that, in such circumstances, the idea of ​​consent can be a controversial issue (the imbalance between power and the ability to abuse it exists even when sex is consensual). He was 27 years older than me, with a wealth of life experience. At that time he was at the peak of his career, and I came to the first place of work right after graduation from college. In the years following the scandal, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, which is very painful and costly. And so far I have not been healed. I think my trauma was part of a general national trauma caused by that scandal. “… Monica Lewinsky now In November 2018, a 6-hour film was released on the relationship between Clinton and Lewinsky and the attempted impeachment of the US president. Jigsaw Productions studio and A&E TV company worked on it. In the picture, new details of the scandalous adultery and the impeachment that did not take place because of it surfaced. White House intern Monica Lewinsky, as it turned out, was sincerely in love with the head of state, which she secretly told her friend – Linda Tripp.

monica lewinsky now in 2020

In an essay for the March 2018 edition of Vanity Fair, the more mature and confident Monica said the #MeToo movement made her think about the power dynamics at play in her relationship with Bill. She wrote that although her relationship with Bill Clinton was consensual because he was 27 years older and able with much more power than that, in her view now the relationship was an “abuse of power” on Clinton’s part.  She added that she had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder due to the experiences that existed after the relationship was revealed. In May 2018, Lewinsky walked away from an event hosted by Town & Country when Bill Clinton accepted an invitation to the event.

In September 2018, Lewinsky spoke at a conference in Jerusalem. After her speech, she had a question and answer session with the host, journalist Yonit Levy. 

In January 2019, Ms. Lewinsky took part in the Late Night Tonight , where she discussed the topic of public shame. She spoke about her plans to become the producer of Impeachment: An American Crime Story.

Monica Lewinsky has become the producer of the series about the impeachment of the politician. This is the third season of Ryan Murphy ‘s American Crime Story, which is premiered in September 2020. The role of Lewinsky will be played by actress Beanie Feldstein , and Sarah Paulson will appear as former White House employee Linda Tripp , who revealed Clinton’s relationship with the intern.

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