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tina lockwood female body builder'

Tina Lock Wood Female Body Builder

Tina Lockwood is one of the greatest female body builders of all time. Even she just participated in 4 to 5 years in to competitions but she has left a great indelible impression the heart of every bodybuilding lover.

Even With gorgeous muscle shapes and the size maintained an appealing level of definition that enhanced her femininity. She was the one of the largest and sexiest female bodybuilders of all time. She did have great genes for size and shape. She also mentioned “I Would like to thank my parents for giving me an extraordinary package of genetics”.



Tina also made the cover of Women’s Physique World Magazine in 1998 along with Kris Alexander and Sharon Marvel. This was pretty much Tina’s last appearance in the bodybuilding world.

She also known as Muscle Goddess among her fan. Tina competed in 3 shows between 1991 and 1995. Her best performance was in 1994 in Jan Tana Amateur – NPC, Overall Winner.

tina lockwood in her school days

She did her schooling from Carpinteria Senior High School. She was a good athlete since her school days. She used to be a good swimmer in her school days.

She was a really quick-witted and smart, when a guy from the peanut gallery stood up to proclaim: “I think all your muscles make you look like a man and unfeminine”. To which she replied: “Do you think your lack of muscle makes you look like a woman?”.

Her upper body and legs are well toned. They have a perfect symmetry and size combined with muscular stature. But she had to leave bodybuilding ad sponsors were necessary for competitions. Unfortunately, none were prepared to sponsor without fringe benefits. Tina was honest and soft-spoken. She was also one of the coolest and sweetest persons I had ever known.


Her Achievements

1991  – Ironmaiden – NPC, HeavyWeight, 2nd

1994 – Jan Tana Amateur – NPC, Overall Winner
1994 – Jan Tana Amateur – NPC, HeavyWeight, 1st

1995 – USA Championships – NPC, HeavyWeight, 10th

Magazines – 1998 September         Num 63           Women’s Physique World


Tina Lockwood Personal life

As we have heard contradictory reports for years about Tina Lockwood. She either died, or just left bodybuilding and expected a new life. She left bodybuilding generally because of the negative consideration and scurrilous remarks. She didn’t like being viewed as a sex object

Another story about Tina’s life

After leaving bodybuilding, she moved to Philadelphia with her boyfriend. And Last time she was seen setting behind a counter in a gym at Philadelphia. She got mixed up with Ed Winick of Mass Muscle.

When at her place in NJ, she had done private wrestling sessions for sometime. However, she gave it all up later. It is speculated that she left as her parents found out and objected. Some say that she was married off to a pro-football player. And for privacy, she adopted her spouse’s surname. Tina had once confessed that she disliked men touching her and that in two years of her college, she was never asked for a date. This was perhaps because she was more muscular and bigger than rest of the guys, and she would beat them up. But fact remaind that Tina then moved to Philadelphia with her boyfriend post bodybuilding. Surprisingly, once at the gym when she was sitting behind a counter, people mistook her for Ed Winick of Mass Muscle. In 1998, Tina went to make up on the cover of Women’s Physique World Magazine with Sharon Marvel and Kris Alexander. This is believed to be her last appearance in the world of bodybuilding.

Stroids or Drugs consume?

Some people also alleged that she used steroids, which made her pectoral muscles look like a man’s.

  • HEIGHT: 5’6″ Feet
  • WEIGHT: 169lbs
  • FOREARMS: 13″
  • BICEPS: 19″
  • CHEST: 45″
  • CALVES: 20″
  • QUADS: 27.5″
  • AGE: 40 Years


Beautiful Pics of Tina Lockwood



Tina Lockwood



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