Alla Perfilova aka Alla Perfilova Posted a Photo in a Bikini


52-year-old singer Valeria posted a photo in a bikini by the pool on a social network and collected a flurry of enthusiastic comments. The star is resting in one of the resorts in the south of Russia and is preparing to shoot a new video.

Fans admired the graceful figure and excellent athletic form of the singer, “You look 25”, “You motivate to go in for sports”, – the followers write in the comments.

It also became known that Valeria will soon become a grandmother for the first time. The youngest son of the artist Arseny posted a family photo session with his pregnant wife on the social network.

Alla Perfilova aka Alla Perfilova was born on April 17, 1968 in the city of Atkarsk, Saratov Region, into a family of music teachers. Father, Yuri Ivanovich Perfilov (1945 – 2009), was the director of the Atkar music school, and his mother, Galina Nikolaevna Perfilova  worked as a teacher at the same music school. Both father and mother were awarded the title of Honored Worker of Culture.

Valeria began to sing from early childhood. In kindergarten, she performed the solo song of the Snow Maiden and participated in the performances of the children’s choir. At the age of five, the young singer went to a music school. And although the girl had the necessary singing skills, she dreamed of becoming a ballerina.

The first serious competition for Valeria was the Jurmala-87 festival. The singer went there with high hopes, but Allu expected a complete failure. The jazz composition of the performer did not interest the jury of the competition, and the girl did not even make it to the second round of the competition. If young Valeria had not been supported by Joseph Kobzon, it is not known how the star’s further musical career would have turned out: the disappointment was so serious.

In 1988, Valeria first appeared on television: in the musical talent show “Wider Circle”, the girl sang the song “Be with me.” At the same time, Perfilova opts for the stage name Valery.

Valeria with her first husband Leonid Yaroshevsky

Valeria met her first husband Leonid Yaroshevsky, pianist and head of the Impulse ensemble, in her youth in Saratov. Yaroshevsky persuaded young Valeria to enter the University of Music, the future pop star originally planned to become a teacher. When the girl turned 18, they got married. The union cracked when Valeria met producer Alexander Shulgin.

Valeria with her 2nd husband Alexander Shulgin

In 1993, Alexander proposed to Valeria. By that time, the couple had a daughter, Anna . A year later, the couple had a son, Artemy, and in 1998, their third child, Arseny, appeared . Shulgin put a lot of effort into making Valeria a star: she recorded at the best music studios, participated in various talent contests, starred in music videos, her songs were played on radio and television.

Valeria and current husband Joseph PrigogineValeria met her third husband, Joseph Prigozhin, back in 1991, speaking at the Morning Star competition. Then the famous producer could not even think that he would connect fate with this girl. However, having met Valeria after 12 years, he fell in love with her at first sight.

At first, the singer was rather cool about the new producer, since she had vowed to start office romances again. But Joseph’s sincerity melted the pop star’s heart, and already in 2004, the lovers got married. Today Valeria and Iosif Prigogine live in perfect harmony, the third spouse of the star has an excellent relationship with the children of his beloved wife. The man considers the guys to be relatives. However, the producer himself has three children from two previous relationships. Dmitry and Danae appeared in a marriage with Elena Prigozhina, and a daughter, Elizabeth, was born in a civil union with Leila Fattakhova.


In 2013, the album “On the Serpentine” was released, and in the same year Valeria was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Russia, and in 2014 the singer presented a large concert program “Valeria and Friends” at the famous London hall “Albert Hall” accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of British conductor Paul Bateman. In 2018, She was awarded the Order of Friendship.

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